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  1. As it's been 3 months, I thought I'd ask Squarespace support what's happening. Here's the response: Pretty much the same response as before. I'm amazed it's been this long, but it's good to know that a fix is being worked on... Hopefully they don't just disable the alternate image loading on mobile - I've already done that as a workaround. I've tried to hammer home how many users this would be affecting. In my tests/opinion, all Squarespace sites viewed on Android mobile devices when viewing Shop Products.
  2. Hi, I'm trying to move the customer login / account element in the header of my site's desktop navigation. I'd like to move it directly under the contact link, so it sits with all the other nav links.It's positioned fine on the mobile version. Please note: I'm using custom code to split the layout of the desktop navigation around the site logo. I'm not sure if that is causing an extra headache. I've spent quite a bit of time trying to get it to work with custom script in the footer, but I cannot figure it out. I got it to move but 'login account' text were simultaneously displayed and it was nested within contact. Please could someone help me? Thank you for reading. www.jamesgadbury.com password is: Gadders
  3. Thank you so much @tuanphan for helping me resolve this, and for pointing out the reason and the required change. I have enough information to go back to see what was happening for my own learning / understanding. I would have been stumped a while. I use Chrome's dev tools but often it's a bit trial and error. EDIT: having taken a look at my code, I cannot see that I had added any code to break this and cause the position override. Is it more likely that a 'behind the scenes' change caused this, and not something I did? The goal for me is to know when I've done something stupid... which may be too often! I can see where the override was, and toggle the position override to enable / disable the original issue, but I cannot work out where the override was originating from.
  4. Totally agree, @SergioC Well, I'm left frustrated, annoyed & disappointed with support. Completely vague and noncommittal. I've tried to express the impact of the matter while politely pressing for answers & persisting - getting nowhere. The issue is logged including the info I reported. However, they: Can't say if or when it will be fixed. Can't tell me the priority of the issue / how seriously they're taking it. Can't tell me when or how often they issue software updates. Can't provide a changelog. Might inform me when it gets fixed, if it does, although... "I'll know if it's been fixed because I'll notice it on my site", was what I was told. Won't escalate my case as there's 'no further action required right now'. It's similar to the behaviour of an unhealthy person with a personality disorder. Like it or lump it. It makes me question the management and culture at the company. I agree, the forums and community support here is brilliant. However, I'm left unimpressed and concerned with their attitude. I'm considering an exit strategy.
  5. I just received this exact scripted response word for word. Additionally, I got a 'many variables to test against and we can't guarantee changes for this issue in the immediate future. Our team consider all feedback, and input is appreciated. Thanks again for reporting, and if you see any other unusual behaviour, please let us know'. After the effort I put in to testing, reporting, detailing and reproducing a bug that has been recently introduced, this canned and open-ended response has made me angry - it's an issue that must be affecting many ecommerce customers. A list of products in a shop loading up blank images looks broken and unprofessional. I've replied because it's an unacceptable response. I've also provided them a link to this forum post. Yes, we have a workaround with custom code. That's something. But how will I know if / when the issue is resolved? What about their customers that don't know how to use custom code? Grrr. As a new customer, I'm not impressed with their support so far.
  6. @nobody I guess your post was merged with this one and became a comment, as I had already reported it. I've also since been on to Squarespace support about this. Ended up having to send a YouTube video capturing what I'm seeing as the support weren't understanding my issue. I've followed up since. Twice. I've not had a response for 5 days. I'll keep trying. I've provided a load of feedback regarding how to replicate the issue. My instinct says they know it's a new issue and are quietly working on it - one can hope... I've proven to support that it's not solely my website by creating a basic, new site, no custom code and just a products list; two products and two images. The behaviour can be replicated on two of my Android devices running Chrome or Edge. Interestingly, Android Firefox works with alt image. An iPhone doesn't attempt to load an alt image in my testing. I've chased up support again. The way I put it to them is this: fair enough if mobile devices don't support alt images, but it was working and now a blank image is loading and it doesn't look good. If this is now the default behaviour across all SS sites accessed by Android mobile devices (running Chrome or Edge, possibly other browsers), that's not acceptable. Adding custom code to our sites to stop a bug from happening is not a suitable final solution for all their customers. I'll keep on to them. I'm sorry yet relieved to hear that others are seeing this issue too. I'm convinced SS changed something recently with image caching on products to introduce this bug. If I go in to a particular product, hit back on my browser then hover over that product, it loads the alt image...
  7. Hi, First of all, thank you for this code. I have been using it for a month or so, now. However (ah, so that's why you're here!), it seems to have stopped working, at least for my site. Just wondering if it's an isolated issue or a global problem? I've noticed the default on-hover behaviour for products lists has changed recently. On Android devices, the alt image is attempting to load in the products list on hover, but it loads a blank. I've raised this with SS support and proven it not to be my site or device. Now wondering if a SS back-end change may have affected the list hover behaviour in general. Would anyone be kind enough to take a look at my site and test, please? The issue is with the six list items at the bottom of my home page. On mobile (Android), it seems okay but on desktop (Windows runinng Chrome or Firefox), hovering over the image and title text doesn't respond as a button, as it did previously. Hovering just below the title does. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Best wishes, James www.jamesgadbury.com password: Gadders
  8. Hi all, https://www.jamesgadbury.com/shop pw: Gadders In my shop on the products grid, the on hover behaviour has changed. The second product image used to display immediately on hover, without issue. Now, on mobile, it doesn't display at all. I get a blank product image loading up. If I go into the product and then navigate back, on hover works and loads the second image. Something seems to have changed with the second image loading / caching? I haven't changed anything with my shop or my media library / images since I noticed the change. On desktop, on hover works but it is slower than it was and requires the mouse cursor to move to prompt the load. Starting to wonder if Squarespace have changed the functionality... Has anyone else experienced this change? Cheers, James
  9. Here's another low-tech solution and is what I did on my art website. Add your landscape / portrait image to a square canvas in some suitable image editing software. I used InShot on my Android phone/tablet. You'll have to find out what other software might work. By default, when I open an image with InShot, it automatically creates a new canvas (square 1:1 is my default) of max width or height determined by the inserted picture and centralises the image. So, you'll have blank space left/right or top/bottom, but the original image won't be cropped / squashed / stretched and visually retains it's native aspect ratio. Perhaps you could make the bars transparent? White background / bars works for my site. See image attached of my shop, in 3 column grid layout with 'square' (1:1) image aspect ratio. The only thing I don't like is the appearance of uneven spacing between product image and title. But what can you do? Go back to cropped images! 🙂 Worth trying this method. Cheers, James
  10. As a new Squarespace customer, this thread is a concerning read. It's also a major red flag that the company is not looking at their own forums for common complaints and legitimate issues. It appears they don't care. There's a goldmine of customer feedback here. Before finding this thread, I discovered the issue myself after running Chrome's performance audit tool (Lighthouse?). Having been mindful of image sizes, page and code content, I'm disillusioned to see that this is a common issue and is not something I can resolve myself. It would be helpful if Squarespace could acknowledge the concerns raised here and state what they are doing to improve matters, rather than palming us of with generic responses and ineffective solutions. The platform does not want to get a reputation for being slow... I'll think twice about recommending or renewing my subscription.
  11. Hello everyone and a Happy New Year! One question I keep asking myself regarding SEO... Is there really much benefit to be gained by manually adding SEO descriptions for every product in a store? My product descriptions are varied, detailed yet concise, with relevant keywords included in a natural language structure (sentences!). I understand that product descriptions will be used for SEO on product pages automatically. Will that suffice, and if not, why not? Many thanks, James Gadbury
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