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  1. This offer of yours is obviously for paid services or you would of just offered/posted a fix to the issue (which I seem to have worked out as per the posts above) I think I will stick to community help and decline your offer, thanks anyway.
  2. Hi, @Yamsailor This isn’t about blogs posting to Facebook, this was about images showing properly when posting a link on your FB page to show your website. "Social Posting"
  3. So, to conclude, apart from the error; Missing Properties The following required properties are missing: fb:app_id I played with image sizes for hours finally coming up with an image size that works on both Facebook for desktop and mobile device social posting. I hope my image template helps somebody else with Facebook Social Image posting problems. Using this image along with the marked solution from @melody495, should fix problems with social posting on facebook, as it has for me. Regards Anton.
  4. Also, the image only works OK in Desktop view. I've reduced the image so many times the image in desktop view is now 200px square, it's at the point that the image looks degraded. I can't possibly make it any smaller. Even 150px doesn't show. It's doing my head in. Desktop ==> Mobile ==>
  5. Hello again, Melody. I managed to clear the first error, it had to do with an image which I believe was too large. When I repaord it and scraped Facebook again, the following popped up. I doubt it is anything vital. Warnings That Should Be Fixed Missing Properties The following required properties are missing: fb:app_id Thanks for asking Regards Anton.
  6. Thank you once again, after much messing around with sizes etc, I finally got a result. However Facebook debug shows errors, it still shows the post correctly in Facebook 🙏
  7. Sorry for my late reply to your help. I appreciate that you have taken the time to try and help me. I do recall having to scrape a site many moons ago for facebook. I appreciate the reminder as it would not of occurred to me. I will get on that right away. So far I am getting errors but will persist with this until I am at my wits end and return for assistance if it is available. Regards Anton.
  8. The social image appears to default back to it’s chosen original (Top image on site) and I still can not get this to work. Does anyone have the slightest suggestion for me? or how to actually get anything that Squarespace claims it can do, actually working like it says it should on the box? Thanks.
  9. Hi I am having trouble with posting the website on social pages like Facebook. I have set the SEO Site Description and saved it. I have uploaded a Social Sharing image and saved it (PNG 750px x 750px) But this is what I am seeing (Facebook) > Is there a propagation timeout, perhaps? Does anybody have any suggestions, please? regards & thanks 🙏 Anton. Site: https://www.nowandzen.net.au/
  10. Thanks @tuanphan this seems to have helped a little, although I am still of the thought that it is too large, but I don't want to set the width to less than 1440. I don't have a monitor with a resolution above 1980 I am however very grateful. Thanks 🙏
  11. Thanks again, @tuanphan I will take a look. Much appreciated, once more 🙏
  12. Thank you @Ziggy. And thanks for the link, given enough time, I might be able to figure it out. I have zero idea what I am doing. And I really appreciate your help being a member of the community. It is very generous of you and others here. But in regards to Squarespace. Squarespace advertised all this grandiose stuff about easily making a website etc, where in fact here I am having to learn code. My poor friend, who just wants to have a website that works properly, is having to wait whilst I fumble around trying to help her. Saying that she could pay a professional, is the opposite of what she and I read about signing up with Squarespace. It was marketed as an easy design platform. I have not been asking for anything spectacular, just stuff you would find on any website. What is even more frustrating, is that speaking to a human at Squarespace seems impossible and when contacted with a replu, it could be as late as 3 days later. What is funny to me, is that Squarespace have the community working for them and doing their job for them, and you’ll aren’t getting a dime to do so, but you are paying for the privilege to help people. Genius business model that I am not the slightest bit impressed with. I’ve advised my friend to see this year through then find another platform.
  13. hi Ziggy. No I haven’t. I will take a look and report back. Thanks once again, Ziggy.
  14. Halo. Why does my website look lean and a reasonable size yet on the internet it is so big it looks ridiculous? https://www.nowandzen.net.au/ (Please click on images to see the difference) In Squarespace edit view or web view On the net
  15. Halo. Is it possible to add padding to the top of anchor code? The problem is, when a link with an anchor is clicked, the anchor is hidden behind the top menu, so I would like to add padding to the top of the anchor so it stops below the menu (approx. by 75 or anything, I can change it.) <p id="Anchor Text"></p> Thank you - Anton.
  16. Sorted this with @tuanphan's code, thanks tuanphan 🙏
  17. Halo all. My name is Anton. A friend of mine has chosen to use Squarespace as the platform for their website. I volunteered to create it. I have no idea what I am doing. I am going to be very needy, so I apologize and gratefully thank you all in advance for any assistance given. I understand that it is easier for a site to be live to get better assistance, so although I don't believe it is ready, here is the website link; Now & Zen Mobile Massage https://www.nowandzen.net.au My first issue is I would like to have the Site title "Now & Zen Mobile Massage" appear to the right of the logo in the header as there isn't an option in the settings. I had tried some code in this forum, but I am either putting it in the wrong place (because I honestly don't know where it goes) or the code is not right for this particular website. For the time being, I have placed a logo with text there, which I don't really want. Once again, any assistance with this would be gratefully appreciated. I won't post too many issues in the same thread so as not to confuse anything. Thanks again, regards. - Anton. P.S. I take criticisms well, please feel free to give any feedback, good or bad 🙏
  18. Yes thank you it does help. I was looking for a totally different process. I was searching this forum, you spend a lot of time helping people.. Very decent of you. I was specifically looking for how to keep the site name and the logo together. It appears you can better help when the site is live. None of the current code seemed to help. I might, if it is ok, ask for help on this when it is live. Thanks again, Paul, I am truly grateful.
  19. P.S. sorry for the late reply. I was on holidays.
  20. Thank you, Paul. I am totally lost. I should of bought Mobirise. I can’t even figure out how to add an email address to the contact form I added, after submit. And that’s the least of my issues. It isn’t live because there are so many things I am lost on. I suppose I’ll be making a lot of threads and feeling bad for being so needy.
  21. From what I can establish, there are no humans working at Squarespace. But in the videos at the end, it always says “We’re here to help” so there must be something… Maybe they’re really busy and you’re still in line?
  22. Hi, community. I just signed up with Squarespace. I am within my 14 day period and need to know if I am able to backdate to versions 7 instead of the updated 7.1. The things I need are in 7, I am not liking 7.1, enough to cancel. So I need to make a decision very soon. Is this possible? Thank you 🙏
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