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    Hi, I'm Becca, Owner and Founder of BH Gallery Design. I am an artist and jewelry designer from Northern California. My choice of medium is Oil painting. The subject matter focusing on human form unaware of the viewer. My jewelry designs are hand crafted from found broken down jewelry acquired from unique pieces and vintage jewelry. 
    There always seems to be something new I have to learn to do each day when it comes to my little online business. My suggestion is before you start really understand your concept. Marketing is all about concept. Down to every little detail. 

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    Hello everyone,

    My name is Alain Rouschmeyer and I live and work near Lac D'annecy in France. I'm an artist, architect and urban sketcher. My work as an artist is slowly gaining international recognition. I discovered Square space about a year ago and I'm becoming more and more of a fan, despite a few things I haven't mastered yet.

    I'm delighted to discover this forum and I took the time to register with the immense hope of being able to share information here with all of you. 

    I'd like to take this opportunity to invite you to visit my website: https://www.alainrouschmeyer.art

    Looking forward to hearing from you 

    See you soon

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    I'm Lawrence, a 76-year-old creator who has made his living exclusively as a fine artist since 1979.  I live and work in Tucson, Arizona.  My "organically grown" 7.0 website is https://lawrenceleeart.com, soon to be reimagined in 7.1.  After a long and successful career as a painter exploring shamanistic imagery, I am now focusing entirely on abstract landscapes.
    In NFT circles, I'm better known as NotoriousGangOfOne, a 2019 OG. I worked with Matt Kane to create the industry-standard 10% commission on resales, which resulted in millions of dollars of payouts to digital artists worldwide.
    I wrote and illustrated the first children's book created on a computer in color (8-bit, no anti-aliasing, Pre-Photoshop version 1!). (Published by Harbinger House 1989).  No one knew how to get the art out of the Mac II and into print!  I've seen a lot of changes in art, art marketing, and the internet. I retired to a Caribbean island in 2000 but returned to the States and have been painting again since 2014.
    Favorite quote: "Love is that condition in which another person's happiness is essential to your own." -R. Heinlein in "Stranger In A Strange Land"

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