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  1. Hi @tuanphan, this worked, thanks so much. But the button styling is narrow. Is this taken from the website theme or can we add code so it is more inline with the button size on the rest of the website? https://www.kauripark.com/plant-library/p/acaena-novae-zelandiae
  2. That worked! Thank you so much. There will just be one button on every product detail page, yes, that says 'Upload your Plant List' which will go to this URL: https://www.kauripark.com/upload-plant-list
  3. Hi there, I've tried to add this css to hide the quantity and add to cart button on my product detail page and it did not work: // Hide quantity .product-quantity-input { display:none; } // Hide Add To Cart Button .sqs-add-to-cart-button-wrapper { display: none !important; } https://www.kauripark.com/plant-library/p/acaena-novae-zelandiae We are on version 7.1. Can you please help? I also want to add a custom button on the product which says 'Upload Plant List' and when clicked goes through to this page: https://www.kauripark.com/upload-plant-list Would you be able to guide me on the CSS I can use to achieve this? Thanks so much.
  4. I resolved this using: https://www.will-myers.com/articles/clickable-folders-for-squarespace-71
  5. You can see the folders circled in my screenshot. And the landing pages I want to link them to above....I've not added them to the nav yet and linked them as am waiting on the content to be approved by the client. Will you provide me the code to do this, or will you do it yourself?
  6. I have added the About Us folder. I have also added an 'Our Customers' folder where the same rules apply. What is the code to make folder title clickable to page we want?
  7. Amazing. What do you need from me then to proceed? I have two sections this relates to.
  8. Thanks so much for replying. So you'll see right now in our main nav we have Our environment, with sub menus below and Our environment is not clickable. https://www.kauripark.com/ What I want to do is add a new main nav menu item called: About us > users can then click into the About us page to read about the company. Then sub menu pages off About us (accessible via dropdowns in the nav) for 'Our mission', 'Our people' So there will be links from the About us page to these pages, but I also want these pages able to be clicked on via the sub menu. As well as About us being able to be clicked on as it's own landing page. So About Us (clickable) > Our Mission (clickable) >Our People (clickable) I know how to do this where About Us is not clickable using a folder, but how do I do this so About Us is a clickable page as well?
  9. I am wanting to update our website structure and add in two new sections. One will be 'Our Customers', which will have it's own landing page. Beneath that will be sub menu landing pages for different customer segments, 'Forestry Owners', 'Landscapers' etc. The other section is a new About Us landing page and sub menu landing pages for Our People and Our Mission. How do I structure the content so that the main navigation item is a clickable landing page as well as using folders to organise the sub menu pages? Help!
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