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  1. Hey Magicmeara, Your collection-id is different from the original poster's collection (it won't be 1082397698201 ). If you re-read my answer, you can find your actual collection id in the Body tag of your page. Hope that helps!
  2. First you have to get the body ID of the page you want (i.e your cat page) your new navigation to show up on. You can do this by looking at the page source and finding the tag. It will usually say something like Copy that body ID and go to your LESS file. You don't want the subpageNavigation to show up on every page. #subpageNavigation { display:none;} But you want it to show up on the cat page: #collection-1082397698201 #subpageNavigation { display: block; } What's happening here is basically telling your browser that in most cases, hide this navigation menu, except on the cat page (#collection-1082397698201).
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