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  1. I am building a website for my local quilting guild (501c-7). We have about 250 quilters. Many of whom are senior citizens, some of whom are tech savvy enough to appreciate this site. Others are reluctant but willing. Phase 1 is to help put information out there for members and to begin to build awareness of our work(some charity). I built a member site that requires them to create an account with login and password. Phase 2 will enable people to pay for workshops, renew memberships, etc ($$). The member site was access was the most challenging and still the page upon login looks lame. I do not see any way to customize this 'side screen' and have posted this concern to the forum but no response. I value all feedback! thanks Donna M site: https://mango-guitar-wj2l.squarespace.com/ password to this test site: donna
  2. thank you all especially CassAggett! Although setting up the default email client was trickier than I thought it did solve the problem! thanks again! Donna
  3. Wonder if anyone can answer this question. thanks
  4. https://mango-guitar-wj2l.squarespace.com/ pw donna
  5. If a visitor to my site clicks on 'member library' page (in upper right navigation), and scrolls down that page there is a button and a link that should enable the visitor to send an email to the librarian. Clicking on the link opens a new tab but no email capability. Did I do something wrong? thanks Donna
  6. The audience for my website is largely senior cititzens. I'm trying to make this as simple to use as possible. I have a Member Site set up that requires their login. Upon login, the panel they get on the right side is not user friendly enough, IMHO. I would like to move the 'Member Site View' AND the 'Account Settings' button. Basically customize this panel. Is there a way to do this? If so how?
  7. H Creedon thanks for your response! I tried this - even rebooted and page still not showing up. It is definitely somewhere in the Member Site because I went to the 'public' page of this site and tried to access the dreaded page and it asked me to log in to get to that content. Bottom line it is still lost ! :-0 Any other ideas? Donna Mueller
  8. A button on my homepage successfully takes me to a content page that is/was in the ‘not linked’ section of the pages menu. I was attempting to reorder those (‘not linked’) pages and inadvertently moved that content page up into the member site paywalled section. It is now not visible anywhere on my pages area (the left side listing of pages). I can still get to it from the original button. but can't get to that page settings. I've looked in the paywalled (member site); not there; thanks for any Help! Donna
  9. These updates are all great but is there any estimate of when or if Squarespace will address the Member Site issue of allowing anyone to create and login to an account from the Member Site login screen? This is REALLY important. Either that or enable the administrator to manually add members with a csv file. Heck I'd even type them in individually. I do not want to add 'non-certified' code for workaround. I do believe this is a big issue for many many people. I tried to get an answer to this issue while in the trial period, to no avail. It is a show stopper and is causing me to now look elsewhere, for a website building tool, after spending countless hours building pages, files, links etc., PLEASE fix this. Donna Mueller
  10. I am new to SS, ran a trial, then purchased the Business Plan and have set up my first site for a non-profit organization. I set up regular 'public' pages. How do you set up a Member Site with content but there is nothing for sale. Any documentaiton available for people building sites that just are just building for community not selling. We need a private area to put financials, directories, etc . I know about the non-profit templates for community. I can't figure it out. thanks DonnaM
  11. I am building a website for my crafting guild (501-c7, which is like a club - not a charity) and considering Squarespace but can't figure out the fees. I've asked in other forums and I've sent an email but no response. I want to have a Member Area for privacy not money making. Inside the Member Area I want to sell an in-person class at cost, i.e. no profit. If I choose the SquareSpace Business Plan (3% transaction fee) for 'physical products and services', is there an additional transaction fee on this class for being inside the Member Area??? Total Transaction Fees: SS Business Plan + SS Member Area + (say) Paypal ??? Lastly is an inperson class considered a 'service'? thank you! Donna
  12. I am building a website for my crafting guild. I want to have a Member Area for privacy not money making. However, the guild wants to sell an in-person workshop to its members, using the website, specifically inside the Member Area. Assuming I have the SquareSpace Business Plan which has 3% transaction fees for 'physical products and services' Assuming members will use PAYPAL to pay for this workshop, online. What are the Squarespace transaction fees on a $50 workshop? 1. First, Is the 'in-person' class a service? 2. I don't quite understand the Members Area Transaction Fees, versus the Transaction Fees associated with the Business Plan. If the guild plans on absorbing all transaction fees, does the guild wind up paying 3 separate transaction fees?, i.e. business plan, Members Area and Paypal? thank you!
  13. I am going to convert an older guild / non-profit website hosted by homestead to possibly squarespace. In addition to the general who, what, when, where, why, on this website, I want to enable members of the guild to (annual totals here) 1. renew (pay) for their membership ($2400) 2. sign up and pay for workshops ($5000) 3. sign up and pay for retreats (estimate $40,00 all of which would go to the hotel) 4. order tshirts ($1200) possibly other things I haven't thought of yet. There is no profit here. I want to do this for member convenience versus writing checks and snail mailing them in, as they do now, i.e. enable members to use say PAYPAL or APPLEPAY or other common payment method. Which Squarespace plan meets these needs and would have the lowest transaction fees. I can't figure it out. THANKS Donna
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