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  1. Hi @Tom_Warfield. This does not require Developer Mode, but you may need to upgrade your plan to enable Code Injection. A basic example would be like this: <script> //Specific form button to disable/re-enable const buttonToDisable = document.querySelector('[data-form-id="5ecfda33f13530766af10f1d"] input[type="submit"]'); //Add 'disabled' attribute to the form button buttonToDisable.disabled = true; //Specific form input which needs custom validation let inputToValidate = document.querySelectorAll('[data-form-id="5ecfda33f13530766af10f1d"] input.text')[0];
  2. Hi @Ima, I was having the same issue. I submitted a ticket to Squarespace and they identified that there was an issue with their code. It has now been resolved. To get your site back up and running you should just need to update your local Squarespace Server by opening a new terminal and running this command: npm install -g @squarespace/server You should now be on version 1.6.2. When you load up your site, you might need to refresh the content cached by adding the query ?nocache=true to the end of localhost:9000; like this: http://localhost:9000/?nocache=true That will
  3. @michaeleparkour You are a genius. Such a simple solution! I was totally over-complicating it in my head.
  4. Has anybody had any experience with adding their own validation to a Squarespace form? Essentially stopping the normal submission process, checking some custom validation, then continuing as normal/stopping the submission if there was an invalid entry? I have a client that needs some number fields to be submitted within a specific range and a few other variations on this theme. I'm hoping to find a simple solution, but I'm also happy to go with a very complicated one 😆 @michaeleparkour Do any of your plugins do this, or perhaps this is something you have come up against?
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