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  1. Code(s) are working great! Thank you! My issue is that I'd prefer it opened in another browser tab/window. Anyone know how to do that with this code? <script type="text/javascript"> var url = "https://google.com"; // IE8 and lower fix if (navigator.userAgent.match(/MSIE\s(?!9.0)/)) { var referLink = document.createElement("a"); referLink.href = url; document.body.appendChild(referLink); referLink.click(); } // All other browsers else { window.location.assign(url); } Thanks! If needed, my site is at http://goffcreative.com (Very altered Pacific Template—I get asked a lot...)
  2. And somehow I posted the wrong code... Okay, here's the real one. Seriously this time: a:link img { opacity: 1.0; filter: alpha(opacity=100); } a:hover img.thumb-image { opacity: 0.6; filter: alpha(opacity=60); }
  3. Although this question has already been answered, I figured I'd add a little code I luckily figured out while combining two codes together to get the full result I was looking for. So, I have a few transitional (code block) images on my site (http://www.goffcreative.com), specifically the subscription image where the button transitions colors. I came across this answer while looking for a resolution for hover roll-overs on linked IMAGES and GALLERIES only, however even my coded transitional images (which I didn't want to change) were affected by this code. Anyhow, super-long story a little shorter, if you ONLY want images and gallery images that are linked to have the hover effect, use this: img.thumb-image:hover { opacity: 0.6; filter: alpha(opacity=60); } If you don't have any code block links (you don't want affected) on your site, this isn't necessary. Thanks @jasonvb for the original! You're awesome.
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