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  1. Just had to restart it, and I cleared all the caches on all of my browsers (again), and it finally worked. Weird.
  2. Finally got ahold of Squarespace thru live chat. We had to work it back to router issues, but finally got it resolved! Thanks for the help @creedon.
  3. @creedon Safari--latest update, plus I've tried in Chrome and Firefox. Was one of the first things I tried.
  4. @creedon gotcha, thanks for clarifying. I added /safe to the end of my editing URL and successfully disabled scripts. Nothing changed. I have gone in and removed each separate script in the Code Injection one at a time, saved, tested--nothing has changed. I've also discovered that in the Settings panel in the editor, I can't expand ANY menu items. So, I can't expand billing, I can't expand Developer Tools, Language and Region, etc. Screen Recording 2023-11-05 at 9.59.50 AM.mov
  5. @creedonI think maybe you put this reply in the wrong thread?? My issue is in the Squarespace backend--I can't expand items in the Squarespace settings page, and when I direct link to the URL Mappings page, I can't type in the box where you input the 301/302 code. URL mappings.mov
  6. So, I was able to force the loading of my new site by taking my old site and making it private. But I still can't enter URL mappings. URL mappings.mov
  7. So, I created a new site on 7.1, I've successfully connected my domain. When I type in my url, it still goes to my old page, but if I hit the refresh button in the browser, it refreshes to my new site and displays just fine. [see video] I've tried opening in a private browsing window. I've opened in multiple browsers (Safari and Firefox). I've cleared my cache via Developer panel in Safari. I've visited on a mobile browser. I get the exact same behavior in all instances. UPDATE: I've been able to force the new page to load by making the old site private. Also, I'm trying to enter 301 redirects in the URL mappings page for outdated pages that were not rebuilt on the new site. When I click in Settings>Developer Tools, the carat is there indicating additional options, but the options won't expand and the page won't load. So, I went to the help articles, followed the direct link in the article which took me directly to the URL mappings page--but I can't click/type in the text box. What gives?? Screen recording .mov
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