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  1. Site URL: https://www.nevchem.com Hi, I am looking for suggestions/recommendations or input on if this project is possible with Squarespace. I work for a chemical manufacturer. We are looking to set up an online portal where some of our customers can log in to review their past orders and place a new order. The portal area would have to be specific to each customer as we will be uploading an image of their past orders for their review. We will not be charging customers to log in as we are not selling our products on the site. I've been looking at the Member Areas but it looks l
  2. Site URL: https://www.nevchem.com My company is a chemical manufacturer. We are looking to enhance our website by allowing existing customers to login and receive a customized experience by allowing them to review previous orders and place new orders. The new order request will be a form that will be submitted to our customer service department for review and verification. We will not be allowing customers to purchase products directly on the site since our pricing structure is not like consumer product pricing so no pricing will be provided on the site. They will login, be presented wit
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