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  1. I’m very sorry, I didn’t think about it. The fact is that the site is under construction. antonovart.com Well, here’s the password: "apaptra2023" yes, and this is under this Link: Art for sale
  2. Dear community! I have lived happily with version 7.0 for 10 years. Now, having made all my efforts and wanting to be progressive, I switched to version 7.1. And everything would be fine, I liked the Fluid engine and everything. Until I realized that the most important thing that an artist needs is impossible to do on version 7.1. It’s a barbaric violation of the image aspect ratio. Maintaining the aspect ratio is extremely important for a website selling paintings. It’s not just vertical, horizontal, and square - it’s precise proportions - it’s where the painting begins. Imagine that you enter the art hall of the Metropolitan Art Museum, and on the walls there are only square paintings, all of the same size(?) I found a couple of incomplete hacks, but they are incomplete and turn the life of an artist with many paintings into hell. I have two questions: Can you suggest where there is a reliable tutorial or code (even paid)? When will Squarespace solve the problem? Apparently, no one has seriously thought about it yet? Should I start looking for a new home?
  3. Thank you, I probably did not exactly express my doubts, but your explanation pushed me to a more precise expression: from version 7.0 I brought my content and now I do not have the old template, but I can use all the goodies, that is, "a single template version 7.1"? But the thing is that it seems to me that here I have not everything works as in the instructions, and somehow messy, perhaps my previous mistakes and inaccuracies exposed here. And so it seems to me that it is better to start from 0?
  4. Thanks again! I've been digging around this weekend in the remains of the site that I managed to migrate from 7.0 to 7.1 version and I'm starting to get something. I have a question. The thing is that I decided to create a new site from scratch, and not to restore the old one, because I heard somewhere that the site created on the basis of 7.0 with the transfer to 7.1, using this new option to upgrade Squarespace, will not have a full-fledged template from 7.1! Please Confirm or Disprove this opinion?
  5. Thanks for the clear, timely response! What does SOS Support mean, and where to look for it?
  6. Hello, I have already migrated my site "antonovart.com" from version 7.0 to version 7.1, but I am not satisfied with the result, and I want to start by creating a new, fresh site with a fresh template from 7.1 on my own account. My old site is under construction, and it looks like my account gives me the opportunity to start creating a new site. What pitfalls can I expect? If I start a new site on my own account without creating a new account and then just transfer my domain "antonovart.com" to the new site? What about those unfortunate 14 days? Do I need them? I'm already paying for my time.
  7. Please advise the best templates for creating an online gallery for selling paintings and limited edition prints
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