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  1. Do you think the video not showing as background has to do with the template I am using? Is there any template you would recommend where it will surely work and STILL show the other elements inserted on the page?
  2. thank you for this info but i have a couple problems. While i DID get the video to play, (1) It only plays once...is there a way to loop it? (2)i ONLY see the video and not any of the other elements I created on the page, like the menu etc. What can i do to make the video only be in the BACKGROUND of everything else? i tried changing the z-index to 50 but i only see the video ONLY on the page. Please help!
  3. I sent a message in the contact section of squareflair.com concerning hiring you to do this on my site...still awaiting reply...am very interested s please let me know.
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