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  1. @CassAggett @creedon I added the code from the older post and it worked..... until I added the custom cookie code back in. How are other people adding in their cookie stuff if not by custom code? I'll check out the help pages too on that question. Thanks all again for your input.
  2. And thank you @creedon. That's a worry if Consent Cookie code is messing stuff up. But I presume cookie stuff is standard in SqSp? Why would the original website builder have had to add in custom code, I wonder..
  3. Thanks @CassAggett - I will give this a try too. I'm new to Square Space so struggling with a few things if it's not just adding content 🤔
  4. @melody495 Thanks so much for getting back to me on this. I've just swung back round to this issue. No, there's nothing in the URL Mappings section. Should there be?? And, yes, that random bit of code has been bugging me but I have no idea where to find it! The site was built before I joined the business so am trying to learn as I go along...
  5. Hi - I have realised today our folder pages (e.g https://perceptor-inspection.com/products) that appear on the main menu open the first sub page in the folder list when clicked, rather than just showing the drop down items. Support has said it is something to do with custom code but I wouldn't know where to start looking at code for menu controls. Can anyone tell me what to look for so that I can change menu items with sub pages to show the list of pages rather than going to one specific page? Thanks.
  6. ... Another thank you. I did a better defined search and found the code which does exactly what I want. Thanks Forumers! <style> .blog-meta-section { display: none; } div.blog-item-author-date-wrapper { display: none !important; } </style>
  7. Thanks so much, @Paul2009, for your response. I did do a half hearted search in the forums but when you don't really know what you're searching for, I missed using the term 'Frankenblogs' 😆... I'll give it another try but suspect I will be posting back with our page link!
  8. Hi - We are creating a portfolio of our resellers and I thought the Portfolio page type was the solution. But, Portfolios cannot be searched i.e if you add a search bar it will only search across the entire site or in events and blogs. We want users to be able to search for resellers on the portfolio page. Support has suggested using the Blog structure instead which seems to work apart from the fact that if we remove the dates from each reseller 'post' (i.e their sub page) it also removes the date from other actual Blog section. This is because they share the same structure and the site sees it as all one blog despite appearing in different places with different menu items. Support cannot find a way around this and suggested custom code might be available. Anyone else using the blog structure in multiple places and found a way to remove dates from one and not the other? Thanks.
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