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  1. Thanks so much Paul! I'm guessing you mean theres an error specifically on the /cart page? Or would it be the generic code injection in system tools? What would you recommend as the best option to finding the error?
  2. Anyone had any further developments on this at all or anything back from SQSP?
  3. @MayaViolet Unfortunately not at the moment. It seems to be fine if I load the page and don't click on any of the banner bullets (to change which banner is appearing) but as soon as I do it seems to still be following the internal timing rather than resetting upon user click (hopefully I'm making sense). It's negligible but would make a slight difference if its possible to control.
  4. /cart is showing up in Google Search Console and being searched by Google. I don't see how the /cart page includes a "robots meta tag". This can't be true or it's faulty as it would make it unable to be catalogued by Google. I'm having the /cart issue but the responses detailing that it won't be indexed by Google Search Console are wrong, please see below. I don't have any Ecommerce setup but I do have a Stripe account connected. If the cart can't be removed then what can be done? As this could send clients to an empty cart page as shown below. Ideally this needs to be fixed as this only came about in March 2024, I had no problems with the cart prior and haven't changed anything to do with the website. Any ideas?
  5. Any chance anyone knows a Javascript solution for delaying the Slideshow Animation at page start? I'm having it skip too quickly at the start when the page loads.
  6. Agreed, having the same issue. Adding the CSP into header code injection as a <meta> tag via: <meta http-equiv="Content-Security-Policy" content="default-src 'self'"> This makes the website builder area function crash and the website unusable, removing any visual information except for text and removes any functionality in terms of layout. I was made aware of this via Pagespeed Insights (https://pagespeed.web.dev/). Considering we would like our websites to be as safe as possible, this is a security concern. What solution is available to us?
  7. I'm also trying to add this, but with a full bleed into the header. It's not working for me, unless I need to add in the custom CSS to make it bleed into the header? Can't 100% find the section ID though, would it be possible to have an actual example so that I can identify? Can provide screenshots and access if needed. Update: Solved
  8. Thank you so much @Ziggy I knew it was right under my nose just couldn't see it! Upvote incoming!
  9. Hey, I'm looking to remove the white space as shown (highlighted in red), it wasn't there before but it has appeared on all pages. I know it's probably a really basic issue but would someone be able to help me remove this? Update: I know it's something to do with the Google Analytics Header but not sure how to hide it. Many thanks.
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