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  1. Old thread, but I'm still unclear about image resizing. I have a very clear understanding of compression and file sizes - just unclear about the way squarespace uses these images. I have an art gallery website. Pages are image heavy. I want to show the paintings in the best possible light but loading times are clearly an issue. I'm currently exporting from aperture at 1500px wide image quality around 70%. The images look great but each image file size is between 300k and 900k. Probably too large when loading multiple images on a page. If I go down to 1000px and compress a little further to say 60%, will the additional resized images that squarespace creates be smaller or would they all be the same as if the original image was 1500px and 100%? Will a smaller compressed image force squarespace to make smaller file sizes for the additional images it creates for different display sizes? Any clarity on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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