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  1. Hi, im trying to remove the bottom orange border line from the first 3 headers of the two table i have https://conch-octopus-dfx7.squarespace.com/116-cs-oring Password: Rhon2023 i just want an orange bottom border on the bottom line, not the first three 1/16" cross section 1.78mm ± 0.08mm 0.070"± 0.003" Internal diameter Nominal size Part No. (BS) mm Tol ± Inch Tol ± Shaft Bore Any help would be much appreciated, Thank you.
  2. This has worked beautifully, thank you very much for your help. I've tried using a similar method for this page : https://conch-octopus-dfx7.squarespace.com/materials-2 password: Rhon2023 This is to align the final "person" to the middle of the screen, but it doesn't seem to be working. If you could help out again that would be brilliant. Thank you.
  3. https://conch-octopus-dfx7.squarespace.com/rod-seals Ok, im 99% sure that it is password protected now, the password is: Rhon2023 Thank you for your patience and for all the help that you give to everyone.
  4. https://conch-octopus-dfx7.squarespace.com/products Sorry im still very very new to squarespace, I hope this one works. Just again, im trying to move item 9 and 10 to the center but it changes item 9 and 10 on a different portfolio page that i have. Any help would be great , thank you. (if this link doesnt work please let me know how to make it not private i can't see it anywhere in the settings.)
  5. https://conch-octopus-dfx7.squarespace.com/rod-seals like i said, the code works but i have multiple portfolio pages and they have different quantities, so im trying to change items 13 and 14 on this page If you could give me a hand in how to set a piece of code for just one page that would be great, Thank you.
  6. Hi, this has helped me with one of of my portfolio pages but how do i make it so it only affects that one page not any others? Any help would be lovely, thank you.
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