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  1. Using an app called "SEO Check," I continue to "lose" points on the quality of my website because I evidently have "Empty bold or strong tags were found on this page." I have no idea what this means but it seems to be an important element of the quality check process. I have absolutely no experience with coding, HTML, etc. Any idea what this alert means and how to deal with it?
  2. I've had one SS domain for over a year (www.ExchangingRings.com) that has always worked fine. Last week, I bought a new SS domain (www.RitualRabbi.com), but did not purchase/create a new website for that domain at the time. If one went to the new domain, it was automatically resolving to the "www.ExchangingRings.com" website. I didn't do anything to make that happen. That's just what it was doing. I presumed that since there was no new website, and the new domain was purchased under my existing account, that's just what SS did... point any new, empty domains to the main domain in the account. Today, I purchased and built a new website for the new domain... but I'm not sure I did it correctly. When I type the new web address (RitualRabbi.com) into my browser, it STILL goes to the ExchangingRings.com website. I purchased the website hosting about 6 hours ago, and I published the new website on that domain about 4 hours ago. What have I done wrong??? Does it need more time??? I thought this would be nearly instantaneous.
  3. Unfortunately, this isn't possible with the personal plan.
  4. I would LOVE to learn how to change the header section for ONE page of my website, but I absolutely do not understand HTML coding. I see lots of answers in the Forum to similar questions that show all kinds of coding... I have no idea what all that means, where to put it, and what to do with it. Is there a way to edit my header only on the one page that is simple, straightforward, and makes sense to a non-coder? In Microsoft Word, for example, I can create a document with a header, but then tell it to use a different header. Is there anything similar to that in SS??? Main page: www.exchangingrings.com (notice the header - which is terrible, but I don't know how to improve it - that is universal across all the pages on my site) Unique page: www.exchangingrings.com/other-rituals (this is the page I want to have a different header) Thanks very much, Jeff
  5. Two thoughts on this... 1) I tried to follow your clear instructions but instantly hit a snag. When I clicked on "Move Domain," I got the pop-up box, but all that appeared there was a small spinning black square. I tried this both in Chrome and in Firefox and couldn't get past that spinning square. 2) If I try going to the new domain, "www.RitualRabbi.com," (which doesn't have a website there) in my browser, it current automatically redirects to my original website, "www.ExchangingRings.com," which is fine, in concept. I'm not sure how that is happening, unless that's the default since I bought the new domain as a secondary domain within my Squarespace account and didn't build out a webpage for it to land on. HOWEVER, I really want RitualRabbi.com to point to a specific page on my website (www.RitualRabbi.com/other-rituals). If there's a way to figure that out, that would be the end of this conversation. LOL Thanks for coming on this journey with me. Jeff
  6. I still really want the original to be my main site. That's where I'll be doing all my website editing. In fact, NO website exists on the new domain. Most of my existing marketing will continue to point to that (old) page. What I want is when someone enters my NEW domain name into their browser, it will automatically redirect them to the OLD page. Both domains were purchased through Squarespace and reside there.
  7. I have had a website (www.ExchangingRings.com) for over a year and my advertising for it is already successful. However, I've added services beyond the scope of the original domain name (which is, unfortunately self-limiting), but don't want to rebrand everything. SO... I just bought a second domain (www.RitualRabbi.com) that I'll be using in my new advertising. When people type in the new website name, I want it to automatically go to my current/old website. I do NOT want to build a whole new website. I just want the NEW domain to automatically point to the OLD domain. I can't figure out where (and exactly HOW) to do this. A step-by-step guide would be much appreciated. I hope I've explained this well enough for folks to know what I'm trying to do. THANKS for any help you can offer.
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