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  1. @whoiscooper Love the landing page. The way your image captures the audience says it all. Great first impression. If you have an Instagram account, maybe add that to the landing page, somewhere your fans can see behind the scenes, and follow your creative process.
  2. @ElizabethDot maybe change the block height for the first image. There's too much negative space between the logo and the start of the image. This will also help make your complete tag line visible as soon as someone lands on your page. BTW, great tag line. Your work is wonderful. The color scheme goes well with all the products. As creatives, we are never satisfied with the results. It's always going to be a work in progress haha. I think your site looks great. And it'll keep getting better as you discover new ways to present your work.
  3. @HariSingh I looked at your website, and here's my feedback: What I Liked I like that your blog has content that is directly related to your clients. Having testimonials is a great idea. What Could be Better I'd suggest, you only show your strongest images on the landing page. Less is more. Add your bio. An 'About' page. You can also insert words like "Medicine Hat photographer" "Alberta photographer" in your bio (in a clever way) to help you attract your local commercial clients who are searching for photographers in your area. Add your phone number on the "Contact" page. Sometimes brands/businesses have urgent needs, if there's a number available, you'll have a better chance of landing that job. What I Didn't Like The watermarks on the photographs in your portfolio. Gives out the wrong impression. As a brand executive, I might think, what's he afraid of? That I'll steal his photos. Hope this helps.
  4. Problem solved!!! The wonderful Squarespace Team sent me this message, and it worked like magic. Thank you Squarespace! I thought I'd share their message here, in case someone needs the same solution: "I see that you're having some trouble with the appearance of background images on your homepage on mobile. I've had a look and I see what you mean there. With background images, there will always be some degree of cropping, particularly on mobile devices. Having said that, there are some options that may help here. For example, adjusting the section height for the page sections where the background images can help to minimise cropping. I've shown an example in this video:https://share.squarespace.com/geuqxl1gYou can also adjust the focal point for the images to control what area of the image displays, as shown at the end of the video.We have some more information on those options in these guides:Changing section heights - http://sqsp.link/thZuB3Setting focal points - http://sqsp.link/f82cTIThe following guide also includes tips for troubleshooting cropping issues that may be helpful:https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/223016508
  5. @tuanphan I checked again, and it messed up the rest of the posts on the landing page. There is a note in there that says, CSS doesn't work for cover pages.
  6. @tuanphan thank you for this. It worked for the first image. But there's one more horizontal image in the middle of the landing page, and that one is still the same. Is there a different solution for that? Please let me know. Thank you so much.
  7. Site URL: https://theunapologetictraveler.co My blog pages look perfect on mobile, as I have activated AMP. But the landing page on the Merida template is not optimized. The horizontal images on the landing page are not responsive on mobile, so they look chopped up. Is there a way for me to optimize it for mobile. The same images look great on the actual blog post, but not on the landing page. I'm attaching the screengrabs of what it currently looks like. I'd really appreciate your help. Thank you. This is my blog: https://www.theunapologetictraveler.co/
  8. @derricksrandomviews I got rid of the Read More button. And added an animated scroll down gif instead. So much better, and makes sense. Now the visitor will scroll down right away and find the variety of content. Thank you!
  9. @derricksrandomviews Thank you so much for your great feedback and insights. I will fix that right away.
  10. Site URL: https://theunapologetictraveler.co Dear Community, I would love your feedback on the overall design and experience of my blog: This is my new blog, called The Unapologetic Traveler After you visit my blog, please fill this quick feedback form. It will only take ONE MINUTE. This is the Feedback Form Thank you so much for your time and consideration Kind regards, Afzal
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