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  1. Wow, so only custom solutions for such basic features... I like Squarespace, but I wish I would have noticed some of these basic features were missing before I signed up. I appreciate the help.
  2. Is it the template that causes this to be a problem? Or is this just not something Squarespace can do? I still have trouble with the thought that Squarespace would not have complete breadcrumbs or at least some way for navigating through items and categories other than a back button...
  3. Hello, is this still a valid option when trying to add text beneath the main shop page and category shop pages? For shop and category specific description/instructions? I cannot believe this is still not a part of Squarespace's built in features... ugh. I need to be able to add text, which will also help with SEO... again, can't believe this is not already built in.
  4. Actually, I finally went to support and they found a BUG that they had to fix so that I was able to drag and drop categories. It's working now, so I'm pretty happy about that. It was driving me insane.
  5. Thanks for replying, at least someone responded lol. I was expecting more in terms of "help" through here, so might need to go to support to get some specific help on this. I'm seeing where others have asked this same thing, but those posts are pretty old at this point. I'm just not so sure those previous fixes are even valid anymore. It would be nice if Squarespace just added this functionality, it seems too simple to have to make custom changes to CSS or through the editor, most people have category specific descriptions on their websites. Just sayin...lol.
  6. I'm really confused by this... okay, so when "moving to top" the product will move to the bottom of the view that shows "ALL" products?? Or just in that category?? I'm trying to arrange items on the show "ALL" products page, which is basically the landing page for the shop... It keeps putting my most recently listed items at the very top, and I do not want that. I don't even really like the fact you can only move items all the way up or all the way down... please tell me Squarespace has something better than this to organize shops items...
  7. Thank you for the reply... but this is really how the breadcrumb displays? It's not complete, it's only showing the Shop title and the item that someone is looking at. A complete breadcrumb would also show the category the item is in; it's only one more level. I just don't understand how this could be right? I thought it was a bug to be honest. Thanks for the plugin, I personally am trying to keep my site as clean as possible without adding too many plugins like a Wordpress site 😵‍💫 I do appreciate the reply, again, thank you.
  8. Hello, I've been wondering why my breadcrumbs are not complete? When on a product page, it only shows my shop title, and the item that someone is looking at, and no way to get back to the same category without hitting the back button. Why is there no navigation or incomplete breadcrumb on product pages? Is there a fix for this? Thank you 🙂
  9. Hello, I've seen some posts regarding adding text to specific shop categories and pages but they are all older and not sure if they are valid anymore? I really wish Squarespace would just add this functionality because it seems as if a lot of people need this feature... but I need to be able to put text underneath each shop category title, and would also like the ability to add text underneath each page title, as a description or to make page/category specific clarifications, instructions, etc... My other question is, when updates comes along, will this eliminate any and all custom CSS changes?? So I'll have to manually put all these workarounds back in? I've added two screenshots showing where I need the text to be placed. I would really appreciate any help on this. Thank you
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