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    Avana got a reaction from Ni-Gel in Home page video not working/playing   
    This is a terrible act of negligence on the part of Squarespace.
    I recently finished a site design which included several very expensive, purchased stock video clips, spent considerable time selecting, editing, color grading, etc, all with the intention of using these as a banner image on a new Squarespace site for my company.  Without banner videos, this is all wasted, and the design falls flat—it was predicated on the captivating effect of a hero video.
    I've noticed this issue going on 3 weeks now and it still hasn't been fixed.  What are you paying your developers for?  This bug is probably ruining—quite literally—tens of thousands websites, and by extension, their ability to conduct business online.
    Come on, Squarespace.  Get your act together.
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    Avana got a reaction from creedon in Help Required: Bug, Image Blocks Suddenly Not Appearing on Website—Stuck at 0% Opacity From Default Squarespace Loading Fade-in Animation   
    Correct.  It was based on Pacific, chosen before I took over development duties, and I turned on dev mode for all our sites and customized the templates.
    Since I can't wait until Squarespace support comes back on Monday morning, I have temporarily decided to cobble together a hacked solution as follows:
    $('#header-section img').each(function() { const img = $(this); $.get(img.attr('src'), function(data) { if (data) { img.removeAttr('data-load'); img.addClass('loaded'); } }); }); I looked at the Pacific template's scripts, and when an image is asynchronously loaded, the "data-load" attribute is removed, and a "loaded" class is added to the image.  As such, I simply implemented the same behavior within the callback of a GET request that requests the image and then tests to make sure the data was successfully received.  This has successfully resulted in our images becoming visible once again.
    However, I stress that this is only a temporary patch—I would like to get to the bottom of this bug.
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