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  1. Thanks - I've set this up myself. Add me to the list of people who are surprised that there isn't a way to do this within Squarespace. It seems both basic and useful...
  2. Very interesting! I'll look into that. Another great tip, thank you Hannah. Also, I've PM'd you about your offer to help clean up and simplify the site.
  3. Actually, after going back to the shop page I discovered the collections functionality, and think I could use that to guide the customer through the purchase process with only a single shop. I have created a collection with the core pack, and then collections for the add-ons. I can link directly to the core pack collection from the home page (and everywhere I put my CTA button), so customers only see the one product at first. You can see the revised functionality on the home page now, or directly in the shop. I think ideally the shop would have the core pack up the top, and then the menu of of add-ons below it, as per my mock-up attached, but I think that probably isn't possible in Squarespace.
  4. Hi Hannah, Wow, thank you for the feedback. I appreciate you taking the time. You've more or less confirmed most of what I was getting from my friend - now I just have to try and implement your advice on the design for the site. Multiple stores I did not realise - until you told me - that there could be more than one store, but that is probably the solution! I can direct everyone to Store A first, which has our one core product - very easy to understand - and then from there get them to Store B which has the add-ons. I think you really may have unlocked something for me here! Call to action Regarding the CTA - ideally I would like people to order the service first, and then we have the phone conversation part way through the process, once we've had a look at their home, because I think that would be the most efficient workflow for us. But there are probably a lot of people out there who, like my friend, would rather talk to someone BEFORE they put their credit card information in. I'm not sure how to square that circle, other than perhaps to add a phone number in the header and footer, so that its highly visible, but not the actual CTA? White space I like your tips on white space and visual simplification - from looking at your own website I can see that it is very much part of your own aesthetic, and I think it would work better for our brand too. It might take me a while to implement these changes, but I'll be posting here when I do.
  5. I'm not a circler, but I find things like the colour changing banner at the top and the white glow that follows the cursor around at the bottom of the home page distracting. It looks like the logo has been designed for a white background, and a lot of the detail in that image, (like the wood grain in the tree stump) doesn't show up well against a colour background - it definitely looks its best on the contact page.
  6. Hi Squarespace forumites, I launched my site a few weeks ago, and have been asking people I know for feedback. I got a lot of useful comments suggesting small changes which I've already implemented, and some bigger feedback which I'm not sure if I should - or even can - follow. This is the site: www.previewstudio.co.uk Background: The idea behind Preview Studio is that we provide quick and cheap 'sketch' designs for home renovations entirely remotely, by using photogrammetry from phone videos to build 3D models of the existing home. It's a different kind of architecture business - usually architects visit the site, make a measured survey, have a long discussion with the clients about their aspirations, and ultimately take the project through the process of getting approvals and then overseeing the build. In contrast we JUST do the initial design, and don't go any further, and try and streamline the process to the point where we can do turn around a project in 1 or 2 days, and therefore charge a very low fee compared to doing things the traditional way. The feedback: I watched my friend, who works in marketing, go through the site for the first time more or less in real time, and her initial reaction within a few seconds of clicking around was that there is too much content, and too much to read. She clicked into the shop page and said she wouldn't know where to start because there were so many choices. This was particularly disheartening to hear because there is really only one 'product' - the 'Preview Studio Pack' and everything else in the shop are optional extras that add onto that base product. This is explained in many places across the site. However she didn't read any of the text, and I believe that probably a lot of potential customers would behave the same way. Ultimately she said that I should basically replace the button that leads to the shop with a phone number and try and get people to call instead of reading the site and using the shop. So my questions to you all are: Is there too much text? Is there a way to direct people to the main product first, without presenting them with all the optional extras at the same time? Should I replace my call to action button, which leads to the shop, with a phone number? All feedback would be much appreciated!
  7. Unfortunately the Squarewebsites Plugins team have confirmed that even if you are using their plugin to send files to your own google drive folder, there is a 10mb limit on files. That's too small for video files, so I'm looking for another solution. Pigeonfiles looks like it might be an answer.
  8. Thank you to whoever moved my post into this thread - I can see that Paul2009's link is an answer to my question too.
  9. Hi Squarespace community, I'm creating a site for my new architectural design business in the UK. One of the features that will set this business apart from others is that we can create model / plans of a customer's existing home based on a phone video that they send us, allowing us to work on projects anywhere in the country. Here's how I imagined it working: A customer purchases their services on our site, and in the confirmation email there is a link to upload their video file. Once they've taken the video with their phone, they open up the email and click on the link to upload the file. I found a guide for setting up 'drop box' pages with Squarespace 5, which allow visitors to send files to a folder in the general site storage, which seems like it could work, but can't seem to find the equivalent for Squarespace 7.1. Is there a way to do this within Squarespace? Is there a better/simpler way to achieve what I want? Many thanks in advance for your help!
  10. Hi Conrad, Thanks for replying. I chatted to a one of the Squarespace support staff, who recommended viewing the page in incognito mode. I found that it played correctly if I did this, leading me to suspect that it was to do with my browser cache.
  11. Hi Conrad, Just writing to say that I have the same issue. I have a 14 second video on my landing page and even though initially, after adding the block and choosing the video from my library, it appears to play correctly, if I return to the page later it cuts off at 7 seconds and restarts. I googled to see if there was a solution and your post came up. Did you ever overcome this problem?
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