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  1. Hi all - I'm unsure how to properly translate my analytics, generally speaking, but they seem really skewed by my own IP address and personal viewing on web/mobile. ...help? Thank you! - Jamie
  2. Hi Connor - I'm no expert on this, and hopefully someone from SS official gets back to you (?) but a workaround for you, in the meantime, may be to simply password protect certain pages and offer the password to members who've paid through a 3rd party payment plan like Stripe or PayPal... Password protecting pages isn't super secure, because there's a single code for everyone with access, so you'll have to decide if that's workable for your org. Wishing you the best of luck! - Jamie
  3. Hi all - this issue is not yet resolved. I decided to simply turn off the announcement bar for my entire site to avoid any confusion in UI/UX but would really love another option. Can anyone help me hide the announcement bar on my course paywall? Thank you!!
  4. Whoops, @tuanphan - that code seems to have hidden the announcement bar on my entire website. No good. As I can't seem to locate access to the specific paywall page (to modify page header), can you offer any guidance where else to add this code? Thanks, as always.
  5. Ah, that worked! Added code to the main course settings (in "advanced" > "header code injection") Previous code was slightly different--didn't include the "div." Looks good for now. Thank you so much!
  6. @tunaphan sorry for the delayed reply on this. That code *does* modify the course title but, if it's small enough not to break the word "revolutionary" in mobile view, the title font size looks weirdly small on desktop. This might be wishful thinking, but is there a way to scale for mobile only view? (Or another solution?) THANK YOU!
  7. @tunaphan you're the best - thanks for taking a look. The exact URL I'm looking at is https://www.jamiephillips.coach/reset-beta-exclusive?requestAccess=true But an original link would be https://www.jamiephillips.coach/reset-beta-exclusive/mod-2-overview
  8. Hi! Is there a way to hide the promotional bar on paywall "checkout" page? Code injection in main course settings [for paywalled course] doesn't seem to modify, and I can't find a code injection for "paywall" in general. (screenshot attached) ...help?
  9. @tunaphan - thank you! That did allow me to adjust header font size but I'm still getting a weird word-split in mobile view... will keep experimenting. Thanks!
  10. @tunaphan - thanks for your help! The page is: https://www.jamiephillips.coach/reset-beta
  11. Thank you, but code injection within the course overview page didn't impact the actual paywall pages (for payment or success)
  12. Related question: I'd like to adjust the font size of my course title to better accommodate mobile view (the current title is splitting the first word in mobile) without changing overall h1 style for my site. Would love to know EITHER: A: How to reduce course title font size B: How to adjust for mobile responsiveness ...any thoughts appreciated! THANK YOU
  13. Same question: I'd like to remove header/footer from my course paywall but can't find a way to customize... help?
  14. @Daki86 I'm sorry your site is impacted, too, but at least we're not alone!? (maybe) @Ziggy I am not using any custom CSS on my site, currently... just standard/templated blocks & styles. Appreciate the heads-up that SS is making some broader font styling changes. Should I just wait another day and see what happens? Or is there anything I can do in the meantime to fix/improve?
  15. Thank you, @Ziggy ! My site is https://www.jamiephillips.coach/ UPDATE: it looks like the spacing issue is only with "Paragraph 1" text. Other headings seem unaffected. Really appreciate any thoughts you might have on this.
  16. Help? The majority of my text blocks have suddenly gone squished! ...line spacing is compressed when viewing on Firefox, Chrome, and mobile - impacting readability, layout, and creating awkward spacing overall. I'm using standard template blocks (and not custom CSS)... is this a known issue? Local issue? (Is there a fix??) Thanks for any insight!
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