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  1. @Ziggy I think the image was just too big, so I reduced the size and now all seems good. Thanks for your help!
  2. @Ziggy Hmm... I've still got excess space on both desktop and mobile after adding the code. Do you have any other suggestions?
  3. Cheers @Ziggy I didn't realise the white space was displaying on desktop too! Ok, I've now set the minimum height to 100. Are you able to help with the next bit of code to fix the overflow? 🙂
  4. Hi, My Home page consist of a single clickable image (the header and footer are both hidden). I'm happy with how it looks on desktop, but for some reason there is white space at the bottom when viewed on mobile (image attached). Two questions: 1. Is there are a way to remove this white space? 2. Is there a way to ensure the image and black background fit perfectly across all mobile dimensions without excess empty space? I.e. In its current state, the empty white space reaches beyond the dimensions of my phone screen, resulting in a scroll bar appearing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. I would like 2 sections of text with equal padding; but when I add them and apply the same padding values to both, the top section still has less padding. https://shootsdraws.com/big-buttons After testing (by duplicating the sections), it appears that the top section is the problematic one. I.e. If I duplicate it, the copy of it has larger padding. Where as if I duplicate the section below, its copy Any ideas?
  6. My website is split into 2 categories (photography and graphic design). https://shootsdraws.com/ With this in mind, I would like my Home page to be split into two giant buttons/links that take up the entire screen. The buttons should be touching each other (no gaps). And just like my current Home page, I don't want any navigation links visible, other than the buttons mentioned (I am currently using a CSS code to hide the header and footer). Thanks.
  7. My website is split into 2 sections (photography and graphic design). https://shootsdraws.com/ With this in mind, I would like my Home page to be split into two giant buttons that take up the entire screen; stacked vertically. E.g. A button titled 'Shoots' at the top and a button titled 'Draws' at the bottom. The buttons should be touching each other (no gaps). Hopefully this is possible and can translate visually to mobile view too? And just like my current Home page, I don't want any navigation links visible, other than the button mentioned (I am currently using CSS to hide header and footer). Is this possible? Thanks.
  8. For anyone else struggling with this, I found a video tutorial which makes it possible with CSS:
  9. Hi, Can someone help me with a code to increase the padding between images in the Grid Gallery sections on my site (mobile view only)? Here's a link to a page for reference. Password: backsoon https://shootsdraws.com/shoots/ilgattogoffo Thanks.
  10. Thanks @creedon Am I right in thinking that it requires a specific theme though? I've already got my website set up, and don't want all pages to be split in half. I was hoping for an easier route, with a simple CSS code for my existing theme.
  11. @iamdavehart Here's a screenshot to show the layout I'm trying to achieve (Grid gallery on the left with a text box to the right side of it).
  12. Hi @iamdavehart This is unrelated to my question for this thread, but I wondered if you might be able to help with another issue I have with my Grid Galleries. After successfully aligning my Grid Galleries to the left (by applying padding), i am still unable to add a text box to the right of them. The gallery's boundary box still stretches the full width of the site, so I'm presuming the code I need is for reducing the size of that? Or perhaps I need to remove the code I'm currently using for the gallery padding and replace it with code that focuses on the boundary box only?
  13. Hi, I am seeking a code that enables me to align a Grid Gallery section to the left, which also makes space for me to add a text box to the right. See the attached screenshot, which demonstrates what I want to achieve (I did this using image blocks instead of a gallery). https://shootsdraws.com/draws/beoutdoorfit To access the page, the password is: backsoon I have currently managed to find the code that aligns a grid gallery to the left, but the issue is that the bounding box still stretches the full width of the page, so there's no way for me to add a text block. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Ah, I can see it take effect with the Gallery Section code. I appreciate the workaround you have provided, but I was hoping for the option to display each image in this manner, but without any empty unwanted space above and below. If you look at the image block layout example in the attached screenshot, the images above and below it sit nicely with equal padding in between. I am guessing that this just may not be possible due to the nature of Gallery Sections? My reason for wanting to achieve it this way instead of simply using image blocks is to ensure cohesive padding between images whilst eliminating the need to adjust the mobile layout afterwards. If you know of a way to fulfil this, please let me know. Thanks!
  15. Thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have changed anything. I've attached a screenshot to demonstrate the issue. The sides of the image are being cropped because its original dimensions are wider than the 16:9 aspect ratio which is currently selected for that gallery. I have images that vary in dimensions and I just want to present them in their original form within a Gallery. Is it possible?
  16. An example of a page I would like to apply this to: https://shootsdraws.com/draws/beoutdoorfit
  17. Hi, I'm looking for coding that would enable me to display images within a Grid:Simple Gallery in their original aspect ratios. I.e. So I am not forced to choose a specific aspect ratio from the default options. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  18. Hi, I'm not sure if this is possible, but I would like to set up a Grid Gallery that is not confined to any of the default aspect ratio options; whilst still maintaining the set spacing/padding above and below each image. More specifically, I would like a gallery that displays images in their original aspect ratios/dimensions; only governed by the page's padding. I understand that I could simply add image blocks instead and save the hassle, but galleries are more practical and precise, in terms of cohesive spacing; and require little to no post adjustments for mobile display. As an example of the varying dimensions of my site's images, see van template (blue background). This just wouldn't work in a Grid Gallery: https://shootsdraws.com/draws/beoutdoorfit Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  19. Can anyone help? I can't figure out why my Home page isn't being indexed by Google, whilst other pages are? I believe this is the reason why my favicon is not displaying in Google search results, so I am eager to resolve the issue. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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