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  1. i wanted to avoid adding extra pictures as i feel like this amount is just right to capture the essence and grouping these pictures in twos instead of threes alters the overall perception. but you make a good point that threes would be too small for a mobile screen, and definitely scrolling through 2 images at a time is better than scrolling through one. thank you for the input and giving me a fresh perspective. i will add extra row to compromise ☺️
  2. hey. so the way i had to build my 'gallery' was inserting blank section, and then image blocks within this section, so each picture is a separate block i opted for this way as inset gallery (simple grid) with 2 columns generates pictures that are simply too big for desktop. however, the display on mobile is far from ideal and i was thinking that disabling this so-called blank section with inserted images on mobile and instead enabling a normal gallery section for mobile only would improve the mobile experience.
  3. oh god. i put it in the advanced section of the home page rather than in custom css within the design. sorry, i'm a noob πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ now i'm happy to report that yes, it WORKS! thank you very much!!!! 🧑🧑🧑
  4. hi, i've recently built my portfolio and there are some things that i can't perfect on my own. i have 3 columns of pictures in the gallery on my main page but once you check the mobile, there are only 2 columns which leaves one odd picture at the end and in general gives a worse visual pairing than the desktop version. any way i can fix that with css? this is my page: https://patrycjahelenabielawska.squarespace.com/ thank you!
  5. hi tuanpham, i have issues with spacing and ratios of pictures between desktop and mobile on certain subpages (model test, commercial) and i think that would be an interesting fix the only thing is that i'm using a blank section with inserted images as gallery itself does not allow me to have the desired size of images on desktop (even with inset option they are too big when there are 2 columns). would it be possible to display the blank section with inserted images solely on desktop while the gallery would be on mobile? πŸ™πŸ˜ my page is https://patrycjahelenabielawska.squarespace.com/ thank you
  6. thank you, that's very helpful! i opted for more minimal design so the logo/name of the website in the header just didn't look good. this is the page https://patrycjahelenabielawska.squarespace.com/ i will appreciate if you help me hide 'home' on main πŸ™
  7. hi, i have an issue with page navigation in 7.1. once you leave the mainpage it's very difficult to find your way back there. i would like home page to be shown on the list together with the rest of subpages. how can i do that? even cooler if i could have it dispalyed on every page BUT the home page.
  8. up, i have a similar problem in 7.1 -> https://patrycjahelenabielawska.squarespace.com/ it's supposed to look like this: but on smaller screens looks like this: on mobile version the space between paired pictures disappears and looks terrible. on top of that the mobie version shown in the dashboard is different than the mobile version in reality. mobile in dashboard: mobile on actual mobile: in reality the gaps between each pair is bigger and randomly some tiny spacing appears between pictures within a pair > any suggestion for a fix with blank page with image blocks? > using a gallery is not an option as for 2 columns even with inset setting the pictures are too big for a laptop screen and i want visitors to see the pictures in full at once without scrolling. unless some code magic could solve too big images in the gallery?
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