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  1. I need a code to remove/stop the automatic Schema generated from Squarespace and I don't want to enter into developer mode. Here is the Schema I am talking about: <script type="application/ld+json">{"address":"San Antonio, TX, 78233\nUnited States","image":"https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5f4300b454d5ad03f3a46aa8/t/5f822b947ba2676382f635d4/1702631385555/","name":"Above & Beyond Air Conditioning & Heating","openingHours":"Mo 00:00-00:00, Tu 00:00-00:00, We 00:00-00:00, Th 00:00-00:00, Fr 00:00-00:00, Sa 00:00-00:00, Su 00:00-00:00","@context":"http://schema.org","@type":"LocalBusiness"}</script> Thanks!
  2. It's sweepnladder.squarespace.com not sweepnladders.com.
  3. Hello, I am moving a site from Shopify to Squarespace. The client really wants a similar effect of their current menu/header to Squarespace. Please review this site to see the header logo change and font on scroll: sweepnladders.com Does anyone know the string on CSS the would create this effect? The current in-progress site is sweepnladder.squarespace.com password 1234 Thanks!
  4. This didn't work at all. Is it because I have several links in the announcement bar?
  5. https://arizonaturfmasters.squarespace.com/ password: 1234 Thanks!
  6. Hello, Is there a way to edit the checkout steps in Squarespace? I want to use the commerce function to create an in-house ordering process. Essentially, a person in a company could order parts from within their company. So I want to remove the payment method and address the steps. Is there a string of CSS/html to get rid of those? Thanks!
  7. Hello, I already add the section in the top section of the footer. Thanks!
  8. T The button is distorted in tablet view, but nothing else shows. So weird - his had some extra white spacing that messed up the flow of the design. I can only think that it is something wrong with this monitor settings, but he has checked that as well. I know his base resolution is 3840 x 2160.
  9. Yeah, so attached is what it should look like; the attached screenshot earlier in this thread is what the client is seeing on his high res monitor.
  10. The weird spacing on Mac. I think about I need to increase the page width of the site past 3000px.
  11. It's a large monitor. I just got off a meeting and saw the screen share. I have never run into this issue before.
  12. I do not want to purchase a plug-in. Only straight code Thanks!
  13. Hello, I was wondering if there is some code that would allow me to create a pop-up for a link in the announcement bar (there are 3 links - only one would show a popup). We want the popup to show when clicking the Financing Available link. Attached is the image of what we would like. Passcode for website is 1234 Thanks!
  14. Hello, My client is saying when viewed on his Mac that, there is a distortion of spacing on this site. I have had fellow colleagues check it out on their Mac and it is fine. What is causing this issue and is there a code solution? Thanks! arizonaturfmasters.squarespace.com password: 1234
  15. This works! How can I edit the font size just for the mobile announcement bar? Thanks!
  16. It's currently not a live site or connected to a domain. Https://arizonaturfmasters.squarespace.com password: 1234
  17. I want to add a fixed top navigation bar to a 7.1 website. I have tried the announcement bar, but I need 3 separate links 1 on the far left, 1 in the center, and 1 on the far right. Disable on the mobile. Can someone provide a code that would work for this? I have tried several codes, but nothing is working quite right. Thanks!
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