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  1. Hmm, that's not what I get on mobile. These pictures show what I see on my phone. I want the bottom line "about/contact" to be in the same line as "selected works", and for both of them to be in the same line as the first words of my bio. This is all the code I have
  2. My website is kofiperry.com I'm trying to style my navigation menu in the mobile version of my site to look vertically aligned with the text on my "about/contact" page. As of now I can't get it to go left enough, and the words "about/contact" are somehow further right of the "selected works" link above it. Could anyone please help? I've tried messing with spacing in my site styles and adjusting margins/padding in my custom css codes. I suspect one block of code is the culprit:
  3. How can I remove or hide my navigation menu on the mobile version of my site in order to have only one visible page where I can put all of my content? Is it possible to do this while keeping the navigation menu and corresponding pages visible on the desktop version? I want my mobile version to land on a single page that starts with the content currently on my "about/contact" page, followed by what's on my "selected works" page when scrolling down. I don't want a navigation menu on mobile. My website is https://www.kofiperry.com/ Thank you!
  4. All the images on my page are square in ratio (rectangular photographs with extra transparent sides to make them square), but no matter how I try to drag them to all be in vertical alignment, some are many pixels off from others. It's very frustrating. Is there a solution? This is my page: https://www.kofiperry.com/selected-works The first three images are the size I want, but I've given up on enlarging the rest because of the alignment issue. The lower four images are also off-center.
  5. I used this code from @tuanphan @media screen and (max-width:1024px) { .header-nav { display: flex !important; justify-content: flex-end !important; } .header-burger { display: none !important; } .header-title { max-width: 40% !important; } a#site-title { white-space: nowrap; } } Which worked well, but now I want the title and page links to both move to the left. What code can I add to do that?
  6. Hi Leopold, it's https://www.kofiperry.com/ Thanks
  7. How can I replace the hamburger menu icon on the mobile version of my site with just links to the pages themselves, as if it was in the desktop version? I've attached images of my site as it is now and an example of how I'd like it to be (someone else's site).
  8. I have to upgrade my plan for the code injection step when installing twcsl. Is there no way to do this without paying more?
  9. I want to have one page of portfolio images (2023) to all have an aspect ratio of 1:1, and have another portfolio page (2022) to be 16:9. Is there any code that can do this? Thank you!
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