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  1. @tuanphan Alright, i going to have a look how i have to process the filter to get the job done. Thank you
  2. @paul2009 I do use the filter already for my website, but to filter images by theme. Here I am after putting images from the same gallery on several pages, to get a tidy galley for my visitors. @tuanphan Let me know about your plugin.
  3. My Dear, it is precisely what I need. How do I buy the plug-in?
  4. Hello, by doing the final touch on my website, which is a photography website, I came across a detail that I don't like. So let's say, in one of my galleries, I will upload 200 images, so my clients gonna need to go down the 200 images, I find it a bit untidy. Would it be possible in the Squarespace world to paginate those 200 images? For example, after 20 images, the clients can move on to the next page. I just need a bit of guidance on what is possible or not. One of my galleries: https://www.yodeschamps.com/along-the-coastline Thank you
  5. Hello. Over the years, I added a lot of CSS to my website and tried to organise it as much as possible. I can not figure out how to remove those ugly Nav underlines in all those codes. Let's say I click on one of my nav links; this line will always appear, such as a marker to tell you on which page you are on the website. However, I don't like it. As I am using Spark Plug-in to create the burger, I thought maybe that could come from the plugin. My website is: https://www.yodeschamps.com/ Thank you
  6. Thanks, Justin; I used some of your code and then added more code to polish it. So I got the result I wanted.
  7. Hello I kinda need some code to style my form, located in the additional info product. The form opens in Lightbox. I want the background black, the field white with no hover, and the title and text in white. I can not control this primary button; I am getting a dark blue colour on hover. Any help will be appreciated. You can find the button on this page: https://www.yodeschamps.com/image-licensing/p/road-to-infinity Thank you
  8. Yeah, I have done it, I got the same result.
  9. The code is on; I have not removed it yet.
  10. Yeah, I tried this code before. I reinstalled it to try, but unfortunately, it does not appear to work.
  11. Correct. It is not a reel anymore, but I get the same issue. I want the text bigger on the desktop than on the mobile. 🙂
  12. Hello, I injected some code to get the caption, centred on images in the Reel. If I want the caption to look good on mobile, I have to set it around 25px, which is way too small on Desktop. so I need a different font size on mobile. I coded some lines but can't make it work. @media only screen and (max-width:767px) { .gallery-reel{ height:40vh!important } .gallery-reel-item{ height: inherit!important } .gallery-reel .gallery-caption-content{ font-size: 25px !important; } } Any help will be appreciated. Thank you Site: https://www.yodeschamps.com/
  13. Hello I have been trying to find a way to add a sharing button to a Gallery Lightbox. I tried to use, "share this ", and cannot make it appear on each image in the gallery. The easy solution would be to add a code block at the bottom of my gallery, and people could share the whole of it, but i was more interested in being able to share images separately. I don't know if that makes any sense. If anyone, has an idea how to do it or give me an alternative, it would be much appreciated. Yohan
  14. Hello, I am getting annoyed because I can't solve what I wanna achieve. Long story short, I have the Universal Filter Plugin, and then I have the docs in front of my eyes. However, I have no clue how and where to pass the Allowedoptions way code in the main code provided by SQW. What I am trying to do is to have two dropdowns, one by Theme and the other one by location. Any help will be much appreciated.
  15. Hey @tuanphan. Anyway to disable it on mobile? Website: https://www.yodeschamps.com/ Thank you. Yohan
  16. Fantastic job @tuanphan. As it was cutting off one of my links, i just set an empty page as Item 1.
  17. Hello I am trying to give some margin-top to my drop down menu, as the background overlaping the links line . The margin top will work, but the gap will make the dropdown unclickable. Any idea how could i fix it ? Thank you. Yohan D Website:https://www.yohandeschamps-photography.com/
  18. Good morning Is anyone could give me a piece of code to make my gallery lightbox fully opaque. It is too light at the moment. Thank you. Website: https://www.yohandeschamps-photography.com/
  19. Hello When i started my website on SQP, i did not have this problem, but i must have change something in the setting over the time. All my buttons , primary, secondary, change color on hover. I am after a plain color button. How could i remove the hover on all the button and on all the website ? Thank you. Website:https://www.yohandeschamps-photography.com/ ( There is a button on the homepage, if you wanna check). Yohan
  20. Hello hello I have trouble with my Underline on hover in the dropdown menu. Tuanphan kindly gave me a code to remove it: span.header-nav-folder-item-content { background-image: none !important; } It did work then the underline reappeared few day later. The code is still on at the moment. I tried many other code, nothing working. Any ideas ? Thank you. Website: https://www.yohandeschamps-photography.com/
  21. Hey @tuanphan, is there a way to do that but on one link only ? Like having a border just on the nav " Contact" ? My website is: https://www.yohandeschamps-photography.com/. Thank you
  22. Hello I am trying to add more space between my nav and a email contact icon in the header. Could anyone send me a css to do that please? Regard Yohan D
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