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  1. @WCS Ok thank you. I removed the CSS I had and repasted what you gave me. It is working now for the section I have under the leadspace starting with "Welcome to my practice" which does not have a background image. I just did this to test it out. section[data-section-id="659fe6cfeb7d920d48eb8425"] .section-background{ background-color: red !important } BUT it is not working for the section I needed which is the one with the inset background image and text starting with "Always one on one...". section[data-section-id="65a3266090ba675b103d2c61"] .section-background{ background-color: red !important }
  2. @WCS Thank you but I tried following your directions and it didn't work. I tried it with multiple section id's that didn't even have a image as the background but none worked. I also tried "red" and the hex value I wanted. Any idea why it's not working? https://saffron-cone-t79e.squarespace.com/ section[data-section-id="65b27ef293e4fc0d593bf20a"].section-background{ background-color:red !important } section[data-section-id="659fe6cfeb7d920d48eb8425"].section-background{ background-color:red !important } section[data-section- id="659fe6cfeb7d920d48eb8428"].section-background{ background-color:red !important } section[data-section- id="65a3201f7bc65d34c5b0a45c"].section-background{ background-color:red !important } Thanks. Tankgurl
  3. Hi, Ok I need to change the background color of a section that has an inset background image. With the image inset, there is a larger border around it that is white but I need to change that color to gray. I searched for a solution in this forum and one said to change the whole page background with the CSS: which could work but when I inserted the CSS the actual code appeared at the top of my page. Another answer said to change the section background color using SS mobile but I could not find that option. Here is a screenshot of the section with the inset image background and the white border around it which is really the background color the page or section. I need to change that background color to gray. Here's the draft version of the site also and you can see that section in the middle of the page: https://saffron-cone-t79e.squarespace.com/ Thank you to anyone that can help. Tankgurl
  4. Squarespace knows about all of this. It's a huge problem with the fluid engine. I went through all of this on my portfolio site that I created 1.5 years ago and possibly stupidly gave SS another shot prayingthese issues might be fixed now. In the past I sent SS multiple screenshots of all these issues and they basically said it needs to be fixed with custom CSS code which they can not provide me. Lol pretty insane they charge for this and they absolutely know about all these bugs that have been there for years. Tankgurl
  5. Nothing I just tried another section that had 27 rows and changed it to 50, but not rows are actually added. This might be when there are sections below the one I'm trying to edit. Any other ideas?
  6. I am trying to add rows to a section in the mobile view and it does not work. Basically I am trying to increase the height of a section and the editor will not let me do it. I can't drag down the bottom of the section to add more rows, and in the editor for the section when I add rows none are actually added. Anyone know what to do? More and more I am dreading when I have to edit anything in the mobile view 😞 I have 2 screenshots showing before and after I tried to add rows in the section editor. In the second screenshot you can see the I added 10 rows in the Row Count (first screenshot is 10, second screenshot is 20) but none of those additional rows were actually added to the grid.
  7. Hi, my H1 header text was getting cut off on mobile by the header bar. To fix this I moved it down a little but now it looks great for mobile and terrible for desktop because the header text is moved way too far down. I am not sure what to do. I have also been finding that trying to vertically space out blocks by separating them by 1 or 2 rows in the grid does't seem to work. The space disappears either on mobile or desktop so two blocks are on top of each other. The only thing that seems to work is adding hitting the return key and adding a blank line above or below header text but then that seems to add a lot of padding again either in mobile or desktop. I feel like you just can't win. Right now I just need a solution to have my H1 header not be cut off by the header bar on mobile and on desktop to not have 200px or more above my H1 header as a result. Maybe there's a way to put padding only in mobile below the header bar? Please help.
  8. @the_craigery I am having a similar issue. I have been told multiple times you can edit the mobile view and it won't effect the desktop view and that is just not true. My H1 heading on pages is getting cut off by the mobile header navigation. I moved it down, so it's not cut off in mobile but now on desktop it moves moves my header even farther down the page and looks bad. I have already talked to Squarespace Support on their chat 2x this week about responsive vertical spacing issues and their answer is "it's because it's responsive" which makes NO SENSE.
  9. I am just SO frustrated and wish I used a different website builder. There is NO WAY squarespace does not know about the responsive vertical spacing issues that occur over and over again on EVERY SINGLE PAGE. They are obviously choosing to do NOTHING about it since it's been widely complained about since 7.1 launched. I even got a response from their Customer Service that they looked into it and could do nothing and told me unofficially about CSS. If I knew I would need to be a CSS coder to properly design my site, I would not have chosen Squarespace. I just don't understand why they don't fix this. This is advertised as a responsive engine and then tell users this extra space that they add is because of a responsive design???? What?? At this point I really feel I want a discount or it should be advertised that you need to know CSS because I would have made other decisions.
  10. Just sent this issue to Customer Support on Squarespace because of course their live chat is closed. For me in LinkedIn I get no image and this weird copy that is not part of my site anywhere. Then on Facebook Messenger there is no title or description and the image that displays is not the SEO image I set or my hero banner, it's an image further down on my page. I still need to test the other social media sites. I REALLY wish I went with WIX instead of Squarespace 7.1. It seems that they have been aware of all kinds of bugs and issues since it launched and NOTHING has been done except tell users who are paying, to create custom CSS code.
  11. @tuanphan Hi thank you but that is not working. I also tried changing the "strips" to "simple" because that gallery section is using the simple gallery but it didn't fix the image border issue. Is there anything else I can do before I have to go back and remove the border from all my images? Thanks.
  12. Here is the new page I'm working on with the same vertical spacing issues at different breakpoints. I have attached screenshots of 1440, 1200, 726, 428. For desktop I put red squares around the extra space areas but mobile is actually the worst one. I really hope there is some css code that would stop all this extra space from being added at all breakpoints.
  13. Hi thank you for responding! So I fixed this about 10x yesterday over the course of the day. I am now working on a new page using this template and I have to fix the same vertical spacing issues OVER and OVER again 😞 As I go back and forth from desktop to mobile, vertical space is added above and below my images within an image block and a ton of pace below text in text blocks. This also happens for the tablet breakpoints. Is there CSS code that can prevent this from happening so I don't spend days just fixing the spacing issues just so they can come back again 😞 Thank you.
  14. @tuanphan YES! Thank you so much for getting back to me! I haven't been getting replies to any of my posts for the past 2 days. Here's the page on my site where this is happening. https://www.melanieklein.tv/2ibm-support-search-for-watson pass: obiwanux Thank you again!!!
  15. I am using a gallery block - simple for two sections and all the images I uploaded have a 1px black border around them. The problem is, the gallery block seems to be cutting off the border randomly on the sides or the top or bottom of some images. How do I correct this?
  16. @BeyondspaceI just purchased your plugin but I don't see how to install it for a personal squarespace account, not a business one. I don't have this: From Squarespace admin screen, go toSettings / Advanced / Code injection / Footer Please help, I really need to get this working. Thanks.
  17. Can I move a block (text or image) from one section to another section on same page? So far I can't seem to do it. I am trying to break up my page in to a lot more sections, rather than 1 really long section with text and image blocks. But, since I can't move or drag blocks from one section to another this is taking forever 😞 Thanks.
  18. I have exactly the same issue. I feel that everytime I change anything in desktop, mobile has extra vertical space and everytime I change anything in mobile, desktop has extra vertical space. I think even when I adjust different sections on desktop and resize my browser to look at the mobile and tablet breakpoints, extra space is added. This is unbelievably frustrating 😞
  19. Hi, I am getting vertical spacing issues on mobile (and tablet) above and below text and individual images inserted into a section as a block. On tablet I even have an image that is only partially showing and the sticky top header is covering my page title. I need to have consistent space above and below each text block and images with a text block image title above each. The images have a lightbox so you can click on them to see the full size image. I will need to have between 1 and 4 images in a row, each with text titles above them, in multiple parts of my page. Some are in their own sections and some are in long text sections. I have tried to reduce the vertical space between all elements on the page as much as possible, so I have the Section Gap set to 0, Background width set to Full Bleed and the least amount of rows possible for each section. I really need help. This is a very long Case Study page with a lot of text and many sets of images throughout. In addition to the spacing problem for mobile and tablet, each time I set up the page for desktop the way I need it to look, then I check it for mobile, it is wrong in mobile AND now it's all off for desktop. This is VERY VERY frustrating and I am wondering if I should switch to Squarespace 7.0? Here's my site and I included a image with all 3 breakpoints and the issues I am seeing. https://www.melanieklein.tv/ibm-dbg-digital-offering-funnel pass: obiwanux
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