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  1. I finally figured it out, just don't know how to delete this post.
  2. I'm trying since a long time now to find a way to align the buttons (see photo below - "read more" buttons). There seems to be no option in Squarespace. I have an extension that can identify block and section IDs in Squarespace and I thought maybe if I can find out the block ID of each button, I can use CSS code I found on the internet to align them. However, it only shows the section ID for this (see photo) because I used a template for this featured posts section. Is there anything I can do to make them align? Thanks
  3. I found out that it has nothing to do with any code I entered (I never saved any of it anyway). Instead, it happened because I selected Max. Columns: 2 (previously, it was 3). This is in a slider of my featured posts on the homepage of my blog. If I select Columns: 3, the buttons are not aligned because the headings above them have different lengths (see photo below). I definitely want to use Max. Columns: 2, not 3. Is there a way to do this without losing the bottom border in Firefox? Thanks
  4. I entered some CSS code (without ever actually saving it) without knowing much about it and now the bottom borders are gone for some of the buttons. They are still there in Safari, but not in Firefox weirdly, where they keep re-appearing and disappearing while scrolling up and down the page (instead of constantly being there). I already reseted all the button styles. Is there a way to make them re-appear in Firefox? Any way without using code? My page is not yet published by the way. Thank you
  5. I didn’t like the high height of text fields in a contact form of my travel blog, so I was able to reduce the width with the code in the first photo. However, it also changed the submit button (see second photo) that comes as part of the form. The submit button didn't have his own block ID. How can I leave the submit button as it was (bigger height)? Is it possible?
  6. This is the contact page of my unfinished travel blog website. Logo and some text blacked out for my privacy because it's unpublished. I'm wondering how I can reduce the height of the text fields (i.e., the spaces where someone contacting me / having a question would enter their text into)? I don't like how broad and generally big they are. Dragging the contact form can make it slimmer overall but the blocks are just as thick. How can I edit the text blocks themselves to make them more slim? This might be easy, but I'm a total beginner and this is just a hobby, so I really don't know how. Thanks
  7. Thanks, I tried adding a text block under the gallery block to use as a title, but it looks to far away from the images and not enough like a direct title. I didn't think about just combining the images and will try that. Is there no official way to make a common title, like an option on Squarespace that I could have missed?
  8. I'm wondering how (and if) I can make one common title for both images where the image title is centered in the middle. As you can see, right now each has their own title and I can only either select each to have their own title or one image having a title, but the title is not centered. How can I make one common title spanning both images in this gallery of two photos? Thanks
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