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    You can try adding to Home > Design > Custom Css
    @media only screen and (max-width: 767px){ .ProductItem-details .product-variants { order: 5; } .ProductItem-details .sqs-add-to-cart-button-wrapper { order: 6; } } Support me by pressing 👍 or marking as solution if this useful for you
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    HopeNothhelfer reacted to iamdavehart in How to add long scrolling image (screenshot)   
    sure, you can do this. the key is to control the image container's height and then set its overflow to auto.
    first way, upload an image to somewhere on your site and get the url for it. (maybe have an unlisted or disabled gallery page).  now add a code block and put the following code in. this is for 900px high, but edit as you see fit.
    <div style="width:100%;height:900px;overflow:auto;"> <img src="https://your-very-tall-image-url-here" width="100%" /> </div> This is probably quite a good way if your image isn't hosted on squarespace, or you want a lot of control over the embedding because you can put whatever you want in it.
    second way is to put an inline image in as you normally would, then find out the block id for that image. You can do this easily with the Squarespace Id Finder chrome extension, otherwise you need to find the block id in the page source. add the following css (either to your custom css in the design section, or wrap it in <style> blocks and put it in a code block on the page).
    #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1628966659965_3735 { height:400px; overflow-y:auto; overflow-x:hidden; padding:0; } put your own block id in obviously. change the height to whatever you want. This way is neat because the upload of the image is easier, as its right in the page. got to find the block id though. You might want to think about whether this is a good interaction on mobile though. might end up with double scrollbars. if that's the case then wrap whatever css you put in inside a media query so it only happens on wider screens
    @media screen and (min-size:768px) { #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1628966659965_3735 { height:400px; overflow-y:auto; overflow-x:hidden; padding:0; } }  
    here's an example:

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    HopeNothhelfer reacted to creedon in Make a scrollable page frame for 7.1 Fluid Engine   
    Scratch my post about sticky as it looks like you are going for a different effect than I thought.
    Thank you for posting your page. That may help someone come up with a solution.
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    HopeNothhelfer reacted to tuanphan in Removing underline from navigation folder (7.1)   
    Add to Design > Custom CSS
    div.header-nav-item * { background-image: none !important; }  
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    HopeNothhelfer reacted to tuanphan in Trying to change text link colour within navigation folder on one page only   
    Hi. Your site is private. Can you setup password & share url? We can check easier
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    HopeNothhelfer reacted to creedon in Make a scrollable page frame for 7.1 Fluid Engine   
    Please see the following.
    Please post the URL for a page on your site where we can see your issue.
    A link to the backend of the your site won’t work for us, i.e. a url that contains /config/.
    Please set up a site-wide password, if your site is not public and you've not already done so.
    Post the password here.
    Adding a site-wide password does not allow anyone to alter your site. It only allows those with the password to see your site.
    Please read the site-wide password and how to share a link documentation to understand how they work.
    We can then take a look at your issue.
    You may find How to post a forum question post useful.
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    HopeNothhelfer reacted to tuanphan in Footer: aligning margins to header and reducing height   
    Add this to Design > Custom CSS
    /* Fluid Engine width */ .fe-62fc6268286e581f5fe6b350 { --cell-max-width: calc(~" ( var(--sqs-site-max-width, 1500px) - (0.0px * (24 - 1)) ) / 16 ") !important; }
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