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  1. Help! I've fiddled around with the search results and can't get back to where I was.
  2. snow - Dave Newbould Photography (squarespace.com) pwd: origins I've sorted getting rid of the bits or description but I'd rather the landscape images were as wide as the portrait one is high.
  3. https://whale-parsnip-3zzr.squarespace.com/ pwd origins
  4. I've made some progress with search and have moved on to what appears in the dropdown for the search bar in the header. I note that by default I get .sqs-search-preview-ui.no-image .sqs-main-image-container { display: none; } but if I override display:none I get a blank 50x50 box which gets filled with nothing. I have no idea what is going on but it seems to be pointing at the correct image. Can anyone enlighten me or provide a solution to getting the product image to appear next to the product title in the results TIA Debbie
  5. Hi, I managed to get the image results to display a portrait image without clipping but would prefer the images to be bigger. I also want to get rid of the two links below the title that say Snowdon at dusk... Snowdon at dusk.jpg... when I search for snowdon.
  6. It's auto populating now but the results text only occupy about half of the width of the results dropdown and there is no image. The width is set is the element.style. I can't see why and am unsure about how to change it other than overriding it with Custom CSS which seems a bit brutal and I'd worry that it would no longer be responsive. TIA Debbie
  7. The site I'm developing has a search bar in the header https://whale-parsnip-3zzr.squarespace.com/ For some reason it hast stopped auto populating despite the settings looking right so you won't get a dropdown. There is also a search page though this is not the preferred option, particularly since I can't get the results to show portrait images without cropping.
  8. Hi tuanphan. I've just come back to see if there are any replies and realised there are two things going on here. I'm looking at options for doing search and the person I'm working for prefers a search bar in the header so I was working on that as a first preference. When I seemed to be getting nowhere with that I started experimenting with the search page but couldn't get it to show portrait images without cropping - I have another post about this. Apologies for the confusion. Debbie P.S. I'm self taught in web development having taken on the site development for my "customer" who is a friend from church for whom I work pretty much free of charge. I have a bit of a programming background but my CSS knowledge doesn't extend to he complexities of Squarespace code.
  9. The attached is what I get - the last image should be portrait, URL is https://whale-parsnip-3zzr.squarespace.com/search - type snowdon in the search page
  10. Your search results now appear like I'd like mine to. Can you share the solution please? site https://whale-parsnip-3zzr.squarespace.com pwd: origins
  11. How can I add a thumbnail image to the search results dropdown.
  12. I can do that but unfortunately the photographer is nowhere near tech savvy enough. Guess that makes me indispensable 😀
  13. I have a similar question. I'm creating a site for selling photographic prints in 5 different sizes and 2 finishes. I get that I can duplicate products so that I don't have to type out the variants repeatedly. Once I've created the site I will be handing it over to the photographer to maintain. Is it the case that if he changes the prices of the variants he has to edit each product individually?
  14. I tried something similar to this in my test site and it worked on the desktop but not on mobile. Site at https://whale-parsnip-3zzr.squarespace.com/shop PWD origins
  15. I got it working in the end and it is 7.1 but it wasn't quite what I was looking for. Is there a way of making the portrait images the same height as the landscape ones are wide? And centering them in their grid box. I think I have the site public with the password origins. To see the sort of layout we're after have a look at http://www.origins-photography.co.uk/shop/postcards-3044
  16. Ok, oh looking a bit harder I found Design > Custom CSS: and pasted the code in but it doesn't seem to be working. I'm very new to this so have I missed something obvious? Site at https://whale-parsnip-3zzr.squarespace.com/shop
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