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  1. @Lesum thank you for this new code! I inserted it and the image is showing in full-width now, but the green box looks too big on mobile. Is there a way to change the size of the green box and text in it only on mobile, but keep it the same on desktop? I would like it to be smaller on mobile. Also, do you know why it loads in funny? Please take a look at the attached video. RPReplay_Final1694296964.mov
  2. @Lesum I think you are getting closer! I see the green text box now on mobile, but the image is missing when it first loads in. I have to scroll on the page for the image to show up and even then, it is still cut off and the green box is too big. If it is easier to just delete my code and start from scratch, then please do! I really appreciate the time you are taking to help me with this.
  3. @Lesum of course! Here is a screenshot of my code. I inserted your code right below the code that I shared in my first reply on this thread. Do I have to remove my code and only have your code in there? I also shared a screenshot from the Google Chrome app on my phone and it still looks odd.
  4. @Lesum I just tried inserting the new code and no luck.... 😭 It still looks the same as the most recent screenshot in this thread.
  5. @Lesum thank you so much for your reply! I added your code below mine and unfortunately, it did not work. Attached is how it looks on mobile after adding your code below mine. Any other ideas? My goal is to still keep the green text box on top of the image when it switches to full-width on mobile.
  6. I tried troubleshooting a bit, but I am still stuck! I used the code below and it made the image show full-width on mobile which is exactly what I want, but now the green text block is missing over the image (see attached picture below). I think I am almost there! How can I edit this code to include the text block on mobile?
  7. Hello! I am hoping that someone can help me figure out how to resize the gallery page at the top of my index for mobile. I am using it as a carousel that will flip through different hero images on our new homepage. If you take a look at the attached pictures, it looks great on desktop and shows the full-width image, but on mobile, it zooms in and does not show the full-width image. Is it possible to show the full-width image on mobile? Website: https://www.broadwaygreen.com/homepage-test Password: test Thank you!
  8. @DPruitt, I actually figured out how to make the text change to white on hover by editing the last few lines of your code! .eventlist a.eventlist-button:hover {background-color: #272727 !important; color: #ffffff !important;} Thank you again for all of your help! 😊
  9. @DPruitt, this worked to replicate the style across all the View Event Buttons and we are almost there! Do you know what to add to this code to make the text change to white on hover? This is what it currently looks like with the code you listed above: https://www.broadwaygreen.com/bga-events Thank you so much - I really appreciate your guidance on this!
  10. Hello! Is there a way to make the View Event buttons in my Upcoming Events list match the style of the View Event buttons in my Recent Events list? The button settings are the same for both in my Site Styles panel, so I am not sure what could be causing the buttons to look different. Maybe something in my Custom CSS? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Here is the link: https://www.broadwaygreen.com/bga-events
  11. I was able to use the code that @tuanphan provided in this thread to add a "Past Events" heading!
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