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  1. Hi, I have the same problem. Layout pages will not display at all when accessed through index/portfolio. Major problem! Squarespace, please help with this bug!!
  2. try #collection-xxxxxxx nav#main-navigation ul > nth-child(n) {display:none;} and try #collection-xxxxxxx nav#mobile-navigation ul > nth-child(n) {display:none;}
  3. try #collection-51a9bcb4e4b02509ec24f0bd #topNav nav ul > nth-child(odd) {display:none;}
  4. @chiaradina to your 1st question: "important" is not needed here. If you want to use it, then {display:none!important} you write: "that needs to go into the Custom CSS on every page".Actually it needs to go into the Custom CSS (which will be read by every page) FOR every page you want to hide. To be clear: You have to list every page on which something is hidden, attributing to it everything that is hidden on it. Check this http://www.sonjamosick.de/site.css towards the bottom you will see a long list. This hides 2 languages. to your 2nd question: set a link to the page you want to appear
  5. I took a look at the template, but I have no clue.Maybe it helps when I look at your site. What's the url?
  6. try this: .collection-536c9139e4b03f5f653f6a00 nav#main-navigation .nav-wrapper ul>:nth-child(6) {display: none;} or this: .collection-536c9139e4b03f5f653f6a00 nav#main-navigation nav.main-nav .nav-wrapper ul>:nth-child(6) {display: none;} or this: .collection-536c9139e4b03f5f653f6a00 nav#main-navigation .main-nav .nav-wrapper ul>:nth-child(6) {display: none;}
  7. Hi damnivo, try .collection-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx #headerNav #mainNavWrapper nav>:nth-child(x) {display: none;} or #collection-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx #headerNav #mainNavWrapper nav>:nth-child(x) {display: none;} or even #collection-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx #headerNav #mainNavWrapper nav#mainNavigation>:nth-child(x) {display: none;} If any of this works or you find it out, it would be nice to post here …
  8. you have to check the source code of your page(s). In ADIRONDACK it seems to be #main-navigation instead of #topNav.
  9. you have to check the source code of your page(s). In TAKK it seems to be .nav instead of #topNav.
  10. you have to check the source code of your page(s). In ADIRONDACK it seems to be #main-navigation instead of #topNav.
  11. GOOD NEWS! The "data-class-method" as described is working now.There must have been a silent update to Squarespace 6 or at least to the Momentum template. So, now hiding navigation items is possible for mobile navigations, too. Short description: Put this jQuery code in the [Page] > Settings > Advanced > Page Header Code Injection (Per-Page Code Injection): $(document).ready(function() { $('#mobile-navigation ul li').each(function() { $(this).find('a').each(function() { var getLink = $(this).attr('href'); $(this).parent('li').attr('data-class', getLink); })
  12. When you do this with code injection you have to put the code in However, I recommend to do this via Custom CSS! Click on "view page". On the button in the right bottom corner click the "brush icon" and the "style bar" appears on the left.On the very bottom is the button "Custom CSS". Click on that.Use the window that opens to insert your code as described above. This code will be attached to the "site.css" and overwrites the styles in it. Sometimes you will have to include "!important" to get it effective. Check this CSS-Tutorial http://www.w3schools.com/css/default.asp
  13. You can make folders with pages inside or just pages as menu items – that's of no concern for this procedure. Also, at least for me, the "not-linked area" had no importance. I set up the pages/folders in the Main Navigation area. Then, in the Custom CSS I listed every page (using its .collection-(id), which I wanted the tweak on.BUT this does not work for the Mobile Navigation (MOMENTUM template), at least I have not found out, yet, how to address certain menu items/links.
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