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  1. FYI that this blog post is not active on our site. Most of the blog post is split in half, with an image on one side and text on the other. Is there any way to "un split" the page at the bottom so I could then have text taking up the entire width of the site below these items? Right now it only takes up half and when I try to slide over to make longer, it changes the width of the sections on the left and right. Hopefully this makes sense to someone...
  2. The list shows as a single list for me though so I don't think the code is doing anything. Also - is there a way to code where the home page gallery of our services can be larger/different for mobile but stay the same on desktop? On mobile, those images get pretty small
  3. https://kumquat-rabbit-8fnn.squarespace.com/ A code for that would be great!
  4. I want our "meet the team" page to look similar on mobile as it does for desktop. On desktop it's a simple list with 3 columns, but mobile it's one long list with all of us. Site password: passion
  5. Site password: Passion https://kumquat-rabbit-8fnn.squarespace.com/ Can I get help with a code to move the social icons in the header below the page navigation? I would want the navigation and the social icons to be right-oriented then. So the page navigation where the social icons are right now, and the social icons below them then. Hope that makes sense.
  6. Sorry - https://kumquat-rabbit-8fnn.squarespace.com/
  7. Site password: Passion I have an image gallery across our home page and I like how it looks for desktop, but for mobile it does not look right. One image is below the others, and if I change the gallery type from strips to another that looks better, like masonry, it updates it for mobile and desktop. I either need to change the image gallery type for mobile only or find a way to make the gallery strip look good on mobile as well.
  8. #1 - Yes! #2 - Not buttons, sorry. The gallery images which have our services.
  9. Also - can I make the buttons smaller without increasing the space between them? If I increase the space they get smaller, but I want them to be closer together more centered
  10. Thank you so much!!!! One more thing... Is it possible to have the blue color reach the bottom of the video and connect to the section below it? Again, like the website example I showed.
  11. Yes! If those images/buttons could be half over the blue banner that says our passion allows you to pursue yours. (I can make that blue banner bigger) Here is a site with an example of what I would like to accomplish: https://www.claconnect.com/en
  12. https://kumquat-rabbit-8fnn.squarespace.com/ Password: Passion I have made some changes, so now I have the services listed across as a gallery of images. I would still love to have a code to get that to overlap with the section above
  13. Thanks! I have added as a gallery. I have a couple other questions if you could help? Is there a way to have a hover effect or overlay of some sort to these? So that when you hover your mouse over it highlights the button or something like that? To indicate that it is a clickable button. Also - is there a way to have this section be halfway in the top bar? I'll add an example of what I'd like to accomplish
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