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  1. Hey Daniell, here's some info for both methods, custom and font awesome. Custom: To answer your question, I'll prelude by saying something that may be obvious to some, but not to others-- Make sure you have uploaded all of your custom social icon images that are to be referenced and used with the social links. Uploading custom images/icons: Create a page in the "Unlinked Pages" section Upload images on that page Grab Image Links: Go to page where your images are, right click and "copy image location" or "view image" & copy the address in the URL Continue as per answer previously submitted Font-Awesome:The more simplistic route if you don't have custom images/icons. Just follow the instructions in the top answer submitted by KatyC on this page!http://answers.squarespace.com/questions/19871/social-buttons-in-header/46043 I also answered another question on here with font-awesome instructions if you need more info or are having trouble:http://answers.squarespace.com/questions/18091/add-or-move-social-icons-to-header-in-marquee-template/56671
  2. Thanks for this! Definitely is so much easier than sizing, uploading, linking etc. Quality info right there! :)
  3. I have spent hours looking for a solution to this issue and have finally found one! Or at least a work around. You will need to know a bit about coding however, so hopefully you’ve got that. You can add social links into the top navigation by doing the following: Go to your Navigation settings page Click “+ Page” (bottom of “Main Navigation”) Select “Link” from the options Write the code, as you would if you were writing an HTML image link > For example my Facebook nav icon link is: <img src="https://static.squarespace.com/static/52faa431e4b06b4beaf4355c/t/533aaf52e4b041bac4e3366d/1396354899016/facebook?format=100w" alt="facebook"> So it would be: <img src="image URL" alt="facebook"> Then, in the link area of the same window, paste the page URL you want to link to. Save and finish! You can then resize your images, move them or style them however you’d like through custom CSS. Here’s how mine ended up. Really hope this all helps! FULL credit for this solution and a HUGE thank you goes to Brok, original question & answer.
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