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  1. I just spoke to customer service regarding this and they confirmed that removing the instructions would require some code and need to be placed in Acuity. For anyone else who wants to do this, you would place the code in Customize Appearance> Advanced CSS @tuanphan would you have any ideas of what might work? To recap, I'm wanting to remove the instructions associated with the acuity embedded scheduler so that it doesn't take up so much space. The page I'm referring to is: https://clinicaleftconnect.squarespace.com/book-a-free-consult and the password is cec2024 I attached a photo of what I want it to look like. (I don't mind the acuity branding or check balance underneath). Thanks! Ioana
  2. @creedon Ok, fab. Thanks for the heads up. I'll look into this in the coming days and will let you know.🙂
  3. Oh, I see. So there is a way to input CSS into Acuity? Any ideas on what code I could use to remove the instructions form the embedded scheduler?
  4. Hi Circle Friends! Just curious if there is a way to alter the appearance of an acuity calendar that's embedded? The booking instructions are taking up a lot of real estate on the page so it takes awhile before you actually see the calendar! Bit awkward. Would love to just have the instructions on the side, or even removed and I can put them into a text block. This is the page it's on: https://clinicaleftconnect.squarespace.com/book-a-free-consult password: cec2024 Cheers! Ioana
  5. Hi everyone, I have just had a new client enquiry for setting up a web shop and I haven't done this before. I have watched webinars and looked through checklists and I'm feeling confident; however, I'm wondering if anyone has found a checklist that has ALL the details that I need to get from the client in order to build their store? Perhaps SS offers one and I have missed it? I can imagine there might be a lot of back and forth if I keep forgetting to ask for certain items and discover this as I go along. Much appreciated! Ioana
  6. Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone has some suggestions...I designed a mobile specific section for the top of this homepage. And then I used code to hide it on desktop and appear when below 991px. It shows up fine on mobile but when in between mobile and desktop sizes, it seems to be partially hidden under the header. The header is set to solid with reduced opacity. I thought perhaps it was because it was adaptive, but it isn't. So there must be something happening with the code...Here is what I used to initiate the swap of the two sections: //hide top mobile section on desktop// @media only screen and(min-width:991px) {section[data-section-id="6631d964f5a5214452e1d3fa"]{display:none}} //hide top desktop section on tablet-mobile// @media only screen and(max-width:990px) {section[data-section-id="6631d7e8482a5f08b86c7570"]{display:none}} Photo attached of what it looks like. site is: clinicaleftconnect.squarespace.com password for website is cec2024 I really appreciate all you legends out there that save us code newbs in this forum!! Many thanks. Cheers, ioana
  7. Hi @Beyondspace. Thanks for the idea! It didn't seem to do anything when I put your suggested code in. I've made a duplicate section which has the 2x2 format and I'm trying to figure out the breakpoint when to hide the desktop version just as it moves to that weird layout and show the 2x2 instead. Haven't quite figured out the right dimension yet but I'm going to try this approach!
  8. @tuanphan Ok, perhaps it might be a browser issue too...I will compare some browsers on my phone. Thank you so much for looking into it for me.
  9. Hi Everyone, Wondering if there is a hack or code that we can use to change the way a list section appears at tablet-ish screen sizes....I've used a simple list section and have 4 items. At one point in the responsive design, only one item appears on a second row and it looks a bit crummy. I still want all the items side by side on desktop so I have selected 4 columns. I wonder if there would be a way for it to change to 2 rows with 2 items when it reaches a certain screen width, let's say 991 pixels? site is https://clinicaleftconnect.squarespace.com and password is cec2024 Thanks! Ioana
  10. Hi @tuanphan thank you for pointing out the need for spaces! This resolved the issue😀
  11. @tuanphan Thanks for that. It still appears on my mobile... I've also noticed it on a carousel at the bottom of this page: https://clinicaleftconnect.squarespace.com/our-approach-to-eft-tapping
  12. Hi everyone, I seem to be having an issue using this code to remove a background image on mobile. The first time I use the code it works perfectly and the background image disappears. Then, when I copy/paste it to use it again for another section on the page, it does nothing! If I try and put both section ids in the same code separated by a comma, it works, but then the first section content disappears entirely. The page link: https://clinicaleftconnect.squarespace.com/our-approach-to-eft-tapping password: cec2024 Here is what I have pasted in: //wavy background removal on mobile// @media screen and (max-width:767px) { section[data-section-id="662b0cb2821dca18fb41d9cd"] .section-background { visibility: hidden; } section[data-section-id="662b0cb2821dca18fb41d9cd"].section-background { background-color: #FFFCF8; } } @media screen and (max-width:767px) { section[data-section-id="6621d31f097c0d6f2308f6ef"].section-background { visibility: hidden; } section[data-section-id="6621d31f097c0d6f2308f6ef"].section-background { background-color: #FFFCF8; } } TIA! Ioana
  13. Hey @tuanphan, thanks! but that code didn't work unfortunately. The outline still appears the same way when I tap the arrows.
  14. Hi, yes of course, thanks! https://clinicaleftconnect.squarespace.com/config/?frameUrl=%2F password is cec2024 The section is down the very bottom of the home page. I noticed that if I swipe with my finger on mobile the outline does not appear, but if I click on the arrow, it does. And it looks very odd!
  15. Alrighty, I actually figured it out! Thought I would share in case anyone comes across this issue. The extra space at the bottom of the desktop section is actually the "divider" space which I applied to the mobile section that is hidden desktop. The code above appears to hide the mobile section on desktop, but not that extra bit of room that the divider takes up. Not sure if there's another code that would hide the divider, but I just removed it and the space disappeared on desktop as well.
  16. Hi guys, I've noticed that when I use the arrows to navigate through a carousel on mobile, an outline appears that just looks really strange. Is there anything we can do about this? Two images below, the first shows the screen before using the arrow to navigate. The second shows the outline that stays as you click through all the images. Thanks in advance!! Ioana
  17. Hey SS community, I can't figure out what's happened to the top section of my page. I've attached a video to demonstrate what is happening. The section has a banner image as the background and up until now it filled the whole section. Now, it's shortened. And it looks like there is a blank spacer section below it but I am not able to select/delete it. And the grid drag icon disappears as I try to click it. I have a section below this one that is hidden on desktop but displays on tablet/mobile. But I really don't believe the code caused this issue because it has been displaying and working fine even withe code until now. Just in case, here is the code I'm using to 'swap' out the top section on desktop and tablet/mobile. //hide top mobile section on desktop// @media only screen and(min-width:991px) {section[data-section-id="6631b3df6a22c3351140e344"]{display:none}} //hide top desktop section on tablet-mobile// @media only screen and(max-width:990px) {section[data-section-id="6621bcb8e4cf963ce6ad57d3"]{display:none}} Is this just a SS glitch in the section that anyone else has encountered? Ioana Screen Recording 2024-05-01 at 2.34.38 pm.mov
  18. Hi @tuanphan I'm sorry for my late reply, I was super busy! My site is now published and it's easy to share a link now: https://www.astralcompassdesigns.com/wellness-brand-website-design-portfolio So yes, to recap, I would love to have each thumbnail link to the same page as the link for "see more of this project" which is below the image. So people can click on either. Thank you!
  19. Hi everyone, I have selected a services layout to display my web design portfolio. I would like each of the images in this layout to be clickable so the user can navigate to a page where they can read more about the project. I would also like the title under each image to do the same thing, as well as for the title to be underlined. In the editor for this block I can only see an option to add a link in the description, but not to the image or the the title. I have included a screen shot below of the block that I mean. Thanks in advance for the help. -ioana
  20. Hi @tuanphan! I'm curious, is there CSS we can insert to change the layout of the header in a different way than what is available? I would like the logo to be centred, but the pages/folders not to be "stacked" to the left or underneath. I wonder if there is a way to put all the pages/folders in line with the logo, some pages/folders on the left and some on the right? And the logo still in the centre? For example, all in one line: About me.....What is EFT?.....Ways to work with me.....(LOGO IMAGE)....Events....Blog.....Research Thank you! Ioana
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