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  1. www.hometownhaunts.squarespace.com
  2. When people click on the menu button on mobile, I would like it to look similar to what happens when you click it on desktop. I've attached a video of what happens on mobile. It opens up a full screen menu, I would like when you click on the hamburger menu it just has a small drop down. RPReplay_Final1699369246.MP4
  3. Hello, I currently have a folder in my header which provides a dropdown navigation to my different collections on desktop, but when on mobile it opens up a big screen. Is there a way to get the mobile version to look similar to the desktop? I've attached pictures of what it looks like on both.
  4. PERFECT! Thank you so much! I'm finally happy with how my site looks1
  5. This and the previous code worked perfectly, so thank you! Only thing I wonder is if there is a way to add something like a break between the categories. Something like a bullet point or a line. See picture below, they kind of look jumbled. Link is: www.thehometownhaunts.com
  6. Ok so I installed and linked the twcsl file under "not linked", then I added the "store categories cache" into the main store page header, then above that I added the "store categories mega" code but it still doesn't show categories. Did I miss a step? I don't mind donating after all said and done if this works.
  7. Do you have a link for the third party code? That would be great
  8. So is there a way to get the Top to function more like the Sidebar where it's always visible to navigate through no matter what category you're in? It seems like it would be a pretty common thing for people to be looking for.
  9. Hey guys, I have a problem with category titles, I've attached a couple pictures. When it's on "sidebar" it shows up perfect and even shows the current category viewing as bold. I'd love to keep it as is, but when viewed on mobile it doesn't show so I have to use top, I think. But when I click it to "top" it just disappears and isn't visible unless in the "all" section. Please help! www.thehometownhaunts.com
  10. I have this same problem. Sidebar works perfectly on every page, but once you change it to top it disappears.
  11. Hello there, I am wondering if there is a way to show the base quantity of a product, regardless of the size/variant they choose. I sell shirts and print the designs separately. So for example, I have 2 of a design, and it doesn't matter what size they pick I still only have 2 available. Is there a way to set this up without having to manually go in and adjust inventory?
  12. I created a drop down folder with links to my shop categories, but I'd like to hide the "shop" button so the only way to navigate the site is from the drop down folder. I can't disable the "shop" page because then the links are broken. Can somebody help? Website is: https://www.thehometownhaunts.com
  13. That's what I currently have. All my categories are under the "shop" category, but when you click shop it shows all the items in every category.
  14. I don't understand. I created the "Shop" tab, and made subcategories. Now when you click "Shop" it shows all my items and the categories.
  15. www.thehometownhaunts.com www.hometownhaunts.squarespace.com As it is now, when you click "shop" from the homepage it brings you to the page that shows the categories and all my items. I'd like to change this to where it doesn't show every item. I'd like people to click on each category. Maybe make this "shop" button navigate to the "new" category which shows 3 items, then have them click the categories from there. Also, is there a way to make the category links show on every page? As it is now, when you click "shop" it shows the categories but once you click one they disappear and you have to click back. Thanks in advance!
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