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  1. I have the same problem. My screen looks and behaves exactly the same. Did you solve yours?
  2. I am starting to slog through this issue now myself and making some headway. But I am curious if anyone knows why Squarespace and Pinterest don't play nicer together? Pinterest has catalog integration with several other platforms but not SS. Any reason?
  3. I am interested in this topic and well. Over on Shopify, they all but require Kit CRM. Anything like that here? TIA!
  4. Ten days after filing my support ticket, I still have no response from Bloglovin’. I’ve now filed a support request with SS, but not sure what they can do about it
  5. Anyone else have a problem with Bloglovin' not finding their RSS feed? This is not a claiming issue; I cannot even get to that step. Bloglovin' reports that it cannot find my feed no matter what I enter. I checked my feed's validity, and interestingly, it reported it as valid, but with two things that could be improved. See attached screenshot. And yes, I did file a support ticket at Bloglovin'. TIA!
  6. Thanks very much for following up. I removed the code for now, as making this work is lower on my priority list than a couple of other items. When I return to it, if I still experience the problem, I'll follow up. Cheers!
  7. Hmmm. I have this problem, but only on the drop down menu in the mobile version of my shop. All other menus work correctly. But this particularly, ahem, ugly menu drop down next to my shop header says "Category" in a non-theme font with a downward triangle. When you click on it, it displays just a white box that looks like OP's image above. No amount of fiddling with themes, fonts colors, etc. solves the problem. I didn't know I had this problem until a visitor reported it to me. makes my shop almost unusable in mobile mode. UPDATE: I discovered my problem source, some CSS I had added in an effort to improve drop-down menu performance. All good now.
  8. Thanks for this. I would love to make this work for drop down menus in my shop. Should it work with the shop navigation based on nested categories? I have added it here: Settings > Developer Tools > Code Injection > Footer, but no success so far.
  9. Title says it all. This functionality was working most excellently right up until two days ago for me. Pretty sure I didn't change anything in my blog posts that would have had any impact. Thanks for any suggestions. UPDATE: My scheduled blog post today [May 8, 2023] was correctly pushed to Facebook, so maybe everything is back to normal.
  10. I've been searching for this solution and am delighted to have found it for my [business plan] website with blog posts going back years. It was crazy that on my Blog Post summary page, all the posts are identified by full date, but on each individual page, they are not. Someone scrolling through old posts can easily have no idea of the proper time context of each post. So thank you. But . . . gotta agree with @aht, this should be included in all plans. There is no reason to limit this minuscule bit of clarity from lower tier plans.
  11. Hi Paul, thanks for the quick post and information. My regrets for not discovering info about the known bug. This is consistent with my updated experience that I recently posted above. And I have confirmed this behavior on another machine. I appreciate the clarity.
  12. Title describes the problem. I did not see this problem elsewhere, so am posting this question after experiencing the difficulty three straight times. I am running my site on SS7.1. I had this experience with my very first Basic Author, and IIRC, it simply "resolved itself" after a few days and me experimenting with different profile data entry options. But it's happening again today with two new Basic Authors, both of whom have blog posts being held up by this problem. When I go into the Permissions panel, they are there. But when I go to the Author dropdown in Blog Post Settings/Content, they are not. Any suggestions? TIA! UPDATE: A couple of hours later, the new Basic Authors appeared in my Squarespace mobile app [iOS], and allowed me to assign them to their articles. However, even though these draft articles appear correctly in my Squarespace desktop web browser editor [MacOS Safari] with their correct authors, the pull-down menu in the desktop web editor for Blog Post/Settings/Content still does not contain their names, and according to that window, no author is assigned. Weird. But at least I seem to have a workaround.
  13. New (and generally enthusiastic) Squarespace user here. This is admittedly quite disappointing. I've viewed search as such a basic function for any website for decades now that the thought never occurred to me to verify that Squarespace offered a functional, flexible, and versatile version.
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