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  1. Hey there, I would like this text on my landing page appear by sliding in from below upon scrolling down. I would like that to happen upon the first scrolling action, and have the page move down only thereafter. I think that would give the page a great dynamic effect. Anyone got a clue how to achieve this? https://www.bieleit-medicus.com/ Best, Nikolas
  2. the two fields are in line but for some reason, the "Email" title is slightly above the "Name" title. But if that has no easy fix, it's gonna be fine as it is 🙂 Thank you!
  3. Getting there! fields are in line, only the "Email" tag is slightly elevated and the gap between the upper two fields and the Message field is still quite large^^
  4. Nearly got it! The Name field is slightly above now, as you can see on the website. And the margin between the two fields (name and email) and the message field seems quite large thanks lots for your help by the way
  5. also, if we could do for desktop only, that would be great! On mobile having the fields below each other words quite well.
  6. I put it on my website now. Fine for me to edit on the live website for an hour .form-item.field.email, .form-item.field.text { display: inline-block; min-width: 48.8%; } .form-item.field.text { margin-right: 1.2%; }
  7. Makes the unwanted gaps to the left of "Name" and right of "Email" disappear but it still does not create a padding between the two and the Email field is still not in line with the name.
  8. This URL leads straight to the footer with the form: https://www.bieleit-medicus.com/#block-63aca4fcf177ecc1ea38 The code I tried was Paul's: .form-item.field.email, .form-item.field.text { display: inline-block; min-width: 48.8%; } .form-item.field.email { margin-right: 1.4%; }
  9. Thanks for the hint with the name! The code by @tuanphan, though, seems to be adjusted to the particular form of that forum post. And that by @paul2009 doesn't work for me because it won't leave a space between the name and email field and seems to clash with my "Sign up for news and updates" box ( see pic below) . Could someone help me adjust it accordingly? Best, Nikolas
  10. Hey community, is there a way to adjust the fields in the form block so that instead "First Name" and "Last Name" there is just one "Name" field and "E-mail address" field is moved up in place of the former "Last Name field." I find the default design really clunky. In case that's of relevance: the form is in the footer. Thank you! Best, Nikolas
  11. ahh so easy in the end. Didn't think about that, thanks heaps!!
  12. Heyhey, I set up a multilingual site with the Brad Good method. Worked all well but when I tried to implement his code for URL mapping of the language switcher (i.e., switching language and arriving at the corresponding site in the other language), I got stuck. It just doesn't want to work and I can't figure out why. Can anybody help? https://www.bieleit-medicus.com/ This is the code for the URL mapping:
  13. Hey there, I installed the code that Brad offers in the link above. But somehow I can't get the multilanguage URL mapping working. Any idea what could have gone wrong? @paul2009? I would appreciate any help! Website: https://www.bieleit-medicus.com/en/about
  14. oh I realize that I asked the underlining question under the wrong topic. Intended to respond to a post on that subject. Sorry for the confusion everyone. If anybody finds a solution to the nav bar placement of the switcher, let me know ^^
  15. Hey @tuanphan, do you maybe also know how to underline the current language for a coded language switch (Brad Good method) that isn't in the nav bar? site: bieleit-medicus.com Thanks lots! Best, Nikolas
  16. Hey folks, I am trying to set up a bilingual 7.1 website in English and German (bieleit-medicus.com) and used the Brad Good method to do so. The code he provides places the language switcher above the header which looks a bit arbitrary and seems to collide in weird ways with a loading animation of @WillMyers that I use. So I wondered if anyone could help me with the code to place the language switcher in line with the header navigation, where it would be if I used the Weglot extension provided by Squarespace. Thanks for any help in advance! The code below is one I found in another post. But it seems that it was desgined for 7.0 and makes the language switch disappear for me:
  17. @tuanphan might you be able to help perhaps? Shouldn't be much coding necessary but I can't figure it out
  18. Hey @Beyondspace, I am trying to make this work in 7.1 and move the @bradgood-language-switch to the header nav. But if I inject the code you use above, it makes the switch disappear. Could you tell me what else to try? My website is https://www.bieleit-medicus.com/
  19. ideally, this would be without depending on writing my texts in Markdown, as I am not familiar with the system.
  20. Hey @tuanphan, I would like to construct footnotes with a small info box on hover. For instance, "As Smith argued, doing this is great.[1]" Would be great if I could provide a reference in a pop-up box that opens on clicking or hovering over [1]. Could you tell me how to do that?
  21. yes, and it will cost you as much as your squarespace plan or more. I don't think that's a fair solution
  22. Heyhey, does anybody also have trouble connecting with google my business through Squarespace? Whenever I try, Squarespace gets stuck loading after I granted it access to my google account. Anybody found a solution to this problem?
  23. Heyhey, I applied site-wide animations but they do not work for line blocks. Regardless of which animation style I choose, line blocks do not animate. When scrolling down they're always already loaded and the rest of the content gradually fades in around them. It messes with the aesthetics of the page. Does anybody know a solution to the problem? bieleit-medicus.com haf9872hasbk
  24. that was easy. Thank you! I removed that exact text from the footer code injection and the bar is gone. Thought that it works like in CSS where the double slash prevents a line from being read. Thank you anyway!!
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