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  1. None of these worked for me. Client is left with an ugly screen at the end of their video. Edit: Found a workaround... instead of using the video block widget, I used the Embed widget, and put ?rel=0 at the end of the youtube URL. It worked, although I can't set a custom thumbnail.
  2. Client wants a fading gallery featuring a few images on his bio page. It's a dead simple page. It's blocked like this: [ header ] [ headline ] [ bio ] [ pic ] [ footer ] Site is done and built in 7.1 Client wants the single pic to be a series of a few different photos. Simple enough request, no? Just put in a gallery block and wipe hands on pants right? APPARENTLY NO. I have to tell him I can't do it. Otherwise I have to rebuild the entire site in a version 7.0 theme? What is this silliness? Or am I missing something? I do not want to create a section for the
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