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  1. @tuanphan This code works amazingly, thank you! I'm wondering if you could help me with one small thing - I'd like the have the additional text placed under the product description (as it currently is), but would like to have my three images where it would usually be, underneath the entire product. See screenshot and link below. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! https://plum-furniture.squarespace.com/furniture/p/the-sandra-napper Pw: plumfurniture
  2. @tuanphan I'm having a similar issue to the first comment on this thread - after I click the 'place an order' button, it reduces in size (see before and after screenshots attached). As well, I have a custom order form that comes up for these products, and the 'place an order' button on the form doesn't have an outline (I'd like it to look the same as the original button, with a simple 1px black outline). Are you able to help? Thanks so much, Garlande Link: https://plum-furniture.squarespace.com/furniture/p/the-sandra-napper Pw: plum
  3. Hi @tuanphan! Just following up to this question - I'm trying to add a hover colour to the newsletter block button on this contact page, but it doesn't seem to be working. Any suggestions? https://www.megancrosbiedesign.com/contact-us Many thanks, Garlande
  4. @tuanphan I'm trying to do similar thing with my form button (see link below). I'd like to have the SUBMIT button change colour on hover. Any help would be greatly appreciated! https://mc-design.squarespace.com/contact-us pw: ghdesign
  5. Hi there, I'm looking to add some customizations to my client's summary block to show a glimpse of some of her testimonials on her homepage. We're looking to customize the arrows to be larger and on the left and right-hand side of the quote. As well she's wondering if we can have the final click of the right arrow (click #3) lead right to the testimonial page. So click one leads to testimonial two, click two leads to testimonial three, and click three leads to the testimonial page (https://mc-design.squarespace.com/mc-design-testimonials). Right now it leads to 'read more testimonials' but we won't want that to be there. Is that possible? Site password is ghdesign Thank you so much. Garlande
  6. Hi there! I'm hoping someone can help me - I'm trying to get my text block (which has an overlay added when you hover) to fill the entire section. I've attached a screenshot here. You can see the top and bottom aren't stretching to the full width. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Website: https://mc-design.squarespace.com/ Pw: ghdesign
  7. Got it, thank you for looking into this for me! Really appreciate it
  8. Hi there - I'm trying to turn this 'rent the look' link into a button (which will be directed to a page within the site) and remove the add to cart button. Any suggestions on how to do this? I need to do this for all the products. Thanks so much! https://blackbookstyle.com/dress-rentals/p/lilia-stogova-silver-cape-gown-fits-size-us-8-10-
  9. Hi there @paul2009! I'm hoping you can help me with this as well 🙂 I'm trying to add the code but am having trouble. I'd like to get the products on this site to link to an email address (info@blackbookstyle.com), so clients can book an appointment directly. The site is below - any help would be greatly appreciated! https://blackbookstyle.com/dress-rentals/p/lilia-stogova-silver-cape-gown-fits-size-us-8-10-
  10. Hi there, A client is asking if I can move the Pinterest save button from the top left of their images to the bottom right. Does anyone know if/how I can do this? Thanks so much, Garlande
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