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  1. Im honestly not sure, the site was modified heavily. - I am in search or a way to do some maintenance on the overall site as well, but the mobile is the most inefficient of the two currently.
  2. Im wondering if theres any way to edit my mobile site without changing overall template. I have a custom code site and am finding issues with the mobile site. Images arent loading when in full screen image view, clicking between images is very jerky and glitchy. Anyone have any suggestions? https://www.nathanperkel.com/
  3. Checking back here, any thoughts on this? thank you
  4. Thanks Tuan, I actually dont mind the current design of my mobile site, just have some things to update/improve on ideally. So I would use my current mobile as a design inspo if I had to switch to a template. Is is possible with new templates to be able to control the mobile site separate in the user admin? Here are some items id like to prove on with my current mobile: -fix glitches when viewing full screen images. Images seem to resize more than once giving a glitch effect.-(Iphone for sure possibly other platforms as well?) Also having issues with images not loading on first click from grid view. Screen goes blank except for logo. -When viewing full image is it possible to have a button in bottom right to offer gallery to be viewed as grid? In some of my galleries I already set the images to load as grid: https://www.nathanperkel.com/huf-ss23-lookbook -Make menu button appear always in top right corner. even when scrolling Possible to change to Text logo? Id like to choose the text or provide image Thank you!
  5. Thanks Derrick, All good suggestions. I think Avenue is the closest to what I am currently working with. Id totally just keep my site exactly as it is seeing as its unique and all, but I need to work out the quirks that have come up in time. The desktop version only has the one quirk of showing 1px of the all thumbnail view underneath the full image view on galleries with more than 10 or so images. Also the mobile version of my site is very quirky. I wonder if you can update just the mobile site to be a modern template but leave the desktop version as is? All that said Id prefer to just have someone update the code on my existing desktop site. Any Takers?
  6. Looking to update to a new template to replace my custom CCS site: https://www.nathanperkel.com/ Ive hit a wall with trying to update this site year after year with developers that go missing. Looking to find a template that can look and operate similar to what I have. Gallery links up top on home page with the ability to have multiple galleries with gif and jpg thumbnails. Anyone have a suggestion to one that would be a good platform to switch to?
  7. Just wanted to re-spark this thread to see if anyone out there can suggest a fix or a developer that can aid. Looks like the issue only occurs when you are in a gallery off of the main page of the site that is set up in view all thumbnails as the initial viewing. When you click an image to expand to full view, its not hiding the full thumbnail view by 1 px.
  8. Thank you, nice find Paul. Will see about finding someone to clean this up. If you know someone that might be interested in being commissioned to fix this, let me know!
  9. Glitch still showing up in Chrome - its an inconsistent black border along the right bottom side of images in full view. See examples above. Do not see this in Safari or Firefox. Any thoughts?
  10. Site URL: https://www.nathanperkel.com/playing-to-the-gods I am finding a glitch in my galleries with more than 10 images in chrome. When viewing images in full page view there is a small 1 pixel border that run inconsistently on the bottom of the images. - Shows just above the buttons at bottom of the page. This does not happen in firefox or safari. My site has custom code, and I am not familiar with changing much in it as I hired help in the past but that person is unable to aid at this point. Anyone out there have any suggestions? Thank you
  11. Site URL: https://www.nathanperkel.com/playing-to-the-gods I have a weird 1 px border that shows up at the bottom of the gallery image window in galleries with more than 10 images. Ive tried playing with it and it seems like at a certain point of adding images to the gallery the border will start to appear. I have not seen it happen in Safari and included the image below as an example of what im seeing. (Chrome on left Safari on right) The site is custom code and should be set to developer mode, however the developer that wrote the code isnt reachable anymore. Any insight or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank You
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