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  1. Sorry, I always forget that they ask you for your website URL to post on the forum and then don't actually share that URL with the forum. Another thing Squarespace does that I don't understand at all. The website URL is: https://www.scottdrucker.com/blog. Will add it to my post. I'm good with keeping my website public for now. I always have done so in the past (while posting things in the forum) and have never had any issues.
  2. Is there a way to get rid of the overlay on just a page. Squarespace chat confirmed that it needed custom coding. I don't like it on the blog page because you can't scroll through (with just one blog post since there's not enough content), which requires an extra click to get into the blog page, and then when you're on the blog page, you have to click again to read the actual blog. I'd love for it to be one click, you're on the blog and then you can scroll through the blog. https://www.scottdrucker.com/blog I'm using the Carson template. Thanks.
  3. I'm seeing a lot of links for hover effect codes, but can't seem to find this in another thread. Any suggestions on what I should use to search for it? I also searched "text links clickable" and couldn't find it there either. Also happy to give you access to my page if it helps so you can experiment with it. Someone at Squarespace said, "It may be helpful for that forum thread to clarify which template your site is using and also which font you are using. If not for the user who has reached out to you to suggest a different snippet of code (if they have the time and are interesting in helping), but also to help other users who then search the thread later." So I wanted to note that I am using the Carson template (already mentioned), and the font is Adobe Handwriting Ernie for this thread: Let me know if there's another code I can try for the "make text links clickable" which I do like as a solve as opposed to having to play on the play button only. . .but either would work for me and would solve my problem of those links not being clickable. FYI, waiting to send you some cash until this is solved or unsolved as I'll give a little more if we can fix this problem. Thanks!
  4. This is all great! Thank you @tuanphan The F is still being cut off on both of my phones, and I'll report that to squarespace since that is definitely a bug on their end if you've tried two different custom codes for it. For now, I will live with it. If you can create some new code for this issue, that would be amazing! Unfortunately it's still playing the video if you click anywhere on the screen:
  5. Thanks so much for this. The director/dp is now below my name which is so helpful. But the f is still cut off for me. I can live with it though. I'm wondering if it depends on the phone model? Maybe your phone has just a slightly wider screen and therefore it doesn't get cut off? Like I said, if there's not a fix for it, no worries, I'll just live with it being cut off on mobile. Also wondering if you could help with the following (and happy to leave you a tip on your website for your help): 4. The titles and video descriptions on the films and cinematography pages are so big that it's cluttered and you can't tell what's going on (and yet pretty small IMO on desktop). They are also not on the bottom left on mobile like I have set in the site design. Not sure why they're all center-punched on mobile. It would be great to get that much smaller and in the left hand corner as well like the desktop. . .without have the fonts super small on desktop. Here's a sample:
  6. FYI, it's not working for me. You can click on the links in the description, but it just plays the video, and if you click on the screen anywhere it still plays the video. Ideally I would have code to set it for just hitting the play button to play the video, like this person has on their website: https://www.darrenlew.com/work/. I have kept the code up for now, but let me know if it's easier if I make you an administrator and I'll let you try a few things to see if it works. Happy to leave a tip too if you can figure it out. Thanks for your help and time!
  7. Squarespace replied to my inquiry with the following, "You can also ask for the snippet code on the Squarespace forum from our Circle members. They are likely to provide the code for you to correct the font issue in question, if you want to use custom code to resolve it, even if using it would be at your own risk, so to speak." Can anyone provide that code for creating a space before a word begins so that "films" and "commercials" can be seen clearly on mobile without the F being cutoff. I'd also love it if there was a code to make the tagline go below my website title "scott drucker" on mobile only so that way it's not cut off entirely and it shows up on my mobile design as well. And so that on mobile only, the film's title and description fonts are much much smaller so that they are easier to read and appear bottom left the way I have it in my settings. . .but one thing at a time. Just worried about the f in films right now. Thanks! Scott www.scottdrucker.com
  8. Hey @AndyB, since it mentions you're a squarespace expert, I'm wondering if I could hire you or if you could make any recommendations for who I can hire that could help with this issue, as well as some of these: https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/241554-looking-to-hire-someone-to-fix-the-following-mobile-only-issues/ . . .some of which I'm already working on, such as mobile legibility of video descriptions, as I'm shortening everything significantly, and I moved a page to the hamburger icon so you can see it. With that said, it still looks like a dumpster fire on mobile and isn't close to being the bottom left as they insist it will be when you make the font smaller. So I think I'd need some assistance in all four of these areas still. Let me know if you have an recos. Thanks for the initial reply as well!
  9. Definitely! Sorry I always forget that when you input the website link in the form it doesn't actually show up in the forum. It's www.scottdrucker.com/films
  10. I'm having the following mobile design issues for my website, www.scottdrucker.com, particularly on the main page (but one on the linked pages as well). It should be noted that I've reached out to Squarespace on this and they've acknowledged the technical issue on their end, calling all of these "bugs" that they would eventually report or in one case "we’ve noted your report with our Engineering and Design teams for review. They’ll use this feedback when creating fixes and improvements for future releases," but they still recommended that I use this forum for recommendations on to fix the following issues: 1. On Mobile only, the hamburger icon completely disappears. Most of the time it doesn't show up at all, but if I reload the page, that will sometimes get it to show up. I've tested it on three different phone models with different OS's and it's inconsistent at best. I'd love it if the icon showed up every time the page is loaded on mobile. 2. The F in "films" and the P in "photography" are cut off. I've tried playing with the padding and width settings, but nothing seems to get it to show up unless I am missing something. Seems to be an issue on that line itself in mobile so no matter where the font start vertical line moves left or right, it's still cut off. They are going to eliminate the font altogether, really making my life difficult as I'd have to completely redesign the site. But Raven recommended in the meantime that I reach out on the forum to find a way to get the first word to start with a space (which you can't do within the template itself as the space doesn't impact the placement after saving with a space in front of the word). 3. The Tagline doesn't show. I know that making the font smaller gets everything on the same line, but then my fonts are so small on desktop that I can barely see them. It's too small for my liking and I don't want to compromise desktop just for mobile since a majority of my hits are desktop. The best solution I could think of for this is to customize CSS to either have the tagline below the title in mobile only, or to get the fonts smaller for mobile only (across the board, which could help other sections). They've suggested I create a custom logo, and if that's the case, I'd need someone to create a logo for me using that font. 4. The titles and video descriptions on the films and cinematography pages are so big that it's cluttered and you can't tell what's going on (and yet pretty small IMO on desktop). They are also not on the bottom left on mobile like I have set in the site design. Not sure why they're all center-punched on mobile. It would be great to get that much smaller and in the left hand corner as well like the desktop. . .without have the fonts super small on desktop (gong back to 3). Thanks! A couple of screenshots attached as a sample.
  11. I've spent three weeks designing the site, which is why I'm really avoiding going back into 7.1 for a redesign. . .which isn't even clear to me when selecting sites (7.0 vs 7.1 designs) and is also a bummer they even offer 7.0 designs if there's so many bugs within them. So for now, I'm choosing to either live with the limitations or figure out a coding solution since as you've pointed out, there's no tool to migrate so it's a huge hassle to rebuild the site fro scratch every time, especially with the number of assets I have. Not sure why they're offering broken fonts and templates? Would love a website design service where they've tested this stuff out and are able to point out the limitations on a website before you even start designing.
  12. I'm working out of the Carson template which automatically adds a play button over the video when you add a gallery page, which is great, however the only problem is that you can click anywhere over the video to play it which means you can't click on the linked text I have in the video descriptions. As I've posted this in the forum looking for help with squarespace settings, I now realize it needs custom coding. I am willing to pay for this and just looking for someone who could do it, or for a recommendation of someone who is great at this kind of stuff. It would be great if you had options to click on both the video to watch the trailer, or the link to watch the entire film which sends you to a different page like Peacock. I don't really want to embed Peacock or Kanopy links to watch the full film, since the reality is that people will likely only watch a trailer (at best). Attached is an example. Squarespace advised what I already knew, that you have to place the text below the video, which I don't dig aesthetically and don't want to drastically modify my website to accommodate their shortcomings. So I'm posting this on the coding page of the forum, since I assume that's what it will take.
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