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  1. Hi Do you mean was the 'fade in' effect achieved by CSS, or is it just via the normal squarespace editing options? I did it just using the normal squarespace options, see attached image. I'd be happy to change it and implement it just via CSS if we can do it that way. Thanks Alex
  2. Thanks Is there any way of making it so that the border itself does not appear until I scroll down? I currently have it it set so that the text only fades in once the user scrolls down. However the coloured border of the quote box is now visible as soon as the site loads, which is a little annoying. Many thanks Alex
  3. This has been fixed. BTW, I can't seem to find any option to delete posts. Is there one?
  4. Hi https://www.brainforestcreative.com/ When you say 'add a background colour' Do you mean you want me to just add any colour? I was hoping for the changing colours, like I have on the services further down the homepage
  5. What would you like the screenshot of exactly? I've attached one of the SERPS after searching 'blockchain copywriter' It is a link to www.brainforestcreative.com/about that appears. However, all my SEO efforts have been driven towards my homepage being the thing that should appear in SERPS, i.e www.brainforestcreative.com Thanks Alex
  6. Hi On my homepage I have a quote box that pops up when you scroll down? Is there a way to make this coloured, specifically the same colour scheme as the rest of my site, as in the purple and blues? Please see attcahed image
  7. Whenever I search for my keywords in Google, i.e. 'blockchain copywriter' 'blockchain copywriting', the results that appear in Google SERPS are always links directly to my 'about me' page, not my homepage. This is both annoying and odd, as it's my homepage that is SEO geared and contains all the keywords in order to rank, etc. Is there a way of making it so that Google ranks my homepage, as this is where I want clients to land? Thanks
  8. Thanks mate. When I add them as contributor, do they just create a Squarespace account in order to take charge?
  9. A colleague wants me to build him a site. Hoe am I best going about it in terms of the email address and password I use to sign up? Am I best creating a new account which I will then hand over to him. Or is there an option to build a new site within my own account, and then somehow transfer the finished site to him? I am.not eligible to be a circle member yet. Thanks Alex
  10. I said this before on another thread. I battled with this issue for months, then (having given up) I was randomly using SEO Space, just to try and get every other aspect of my site up to scratch, and low and behold, the favicon randomly appeared. I promise you I am nota associated with SEO SPACE.
  11. I will preface by saying that this blog post was published months ago, and I have uploaded the sitemap to Google search console. For some reason, despite the tags I've included, this specific blog post does not appear in Google SERPS. When I search for the relevant keywords/tags, the best I get is it brings up my blog page (which contains all of the blog posts), as opposed to linking directly to the specific blog post in question. (Please see images - The Atrium Lab Poised to Unite Cardano example is the correct outcome that I am aiming for. I search for the keywords and the article itself comes up in SERPS, not just the link to my blog page.) The second image shows what comes up in SERPS when I search the keywords for the article I am trying to get to show up, however as you can see, the keywords only bring up a generic link to my blog page. I have done nothing differently on this occasion than I do with all my blog posts, the others all come up on SERPS. Please help.
  12. Yeah, I discovered that. Oh well, looks like they've got me for life. Lol
  13. EDIT - I just switched back to Business plan and everything has gone back to normal I just randomly went to view my homepage and noticed that it is rendering really strangely. It's like all the edits I made using squarekicker and dev tools have stopped working. I recently switched from business plan back to personal, could this be the reason. Plesae help
  14. Hi @Leticia, I tried all of the usual methods and followed all of the tips on this forum, but it didn't work. However, one day after randomly using (https://www.seospace.co.uk/) and ticking off everything on the list my Favico just randomly appeared. It could be a coincidence but it seems odd. I promise I am in no way affiliated with SEOspace, but this is what seemed to wrk for me. Thanks
  15. Guys, Whenever I try and set up a 301 redirect for my Wins Page it never works. I follow all the steps. Can anyone give me a guide in a way that's different to the usual? Thansk
  16. Yeah, I'm trying to copy and paste it from the Blog editor, but every time I do so the whole page freezes.
  17. As the title suggests. I'm creating a blog page. Everytime I copy and past the text from my site to check in grammarly, the whole page freezes and I have to refresh, losing everything. Please advise Thnaks
  18. Hi Guys I'm wondering if my homepage has too much copy on it. On the one hand it's necessary in order to get my SEO Keywords in, on the other hand I worry that it's to much, and offputting. Looking for feedback Thnaks Alex
  19. Is there any way of me adding a custom mouse pointer onto my site. Ideally I would like it to appear like a fire fly. Thanks Alex
  20. Hi, here's where I'm having the problem, thanks https://www.brainforestcreative.com/
  21. I'd just typed out all of the below. I then went to take a screen shot of my Favicon showing up in SERPS, and it's dissappeared again. WTF? Guys, I promise I'm not being paid to say this. If you look back over all the Faviocn related posts you'll see frustrated contributions from me. About three weeks ago I signed up to https://app.seospace.co.uk, I think maybe even just the free trail at this point. Anyway, after scanning my homepage and making the straightforward amendments, my Favicon was appearing in SERPS after the next Google Search Console refresh. I'm pretty sure you can get a 7 day free trail, you have nothing to lose
  22. My Favicon displays in SERPS sometimes and on GOOGLE for my homepage, but it never does for the other pages. Any idea why this is> Many thanks Alex
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