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    PierrePauwels reacted to qosmic in Google doesn't show my webstite when I type my name on it..   
    It's possible you have a DNS or other technical error, but unless you share your site name and URL, it would impossible for anyone to say.
    However, what you've described is not really how search indexing works. Just because you've launched a site with a certain name, even an uncommon name or made-up word, doesn't mean Google will immediately rank you over longstanding pages that contain the same or similar words, even if you've submitted your site to them.
    Ten days is not long. The typical rule of thumb is that it takes several weeks for any changes to have any noticeable effect on your rank and as long as 90 days or so before you see the full effect of those changes. (Actual results will vary significantly, but start with that expectation.)
    There are any number of decent primers on SEO. Squarespace has one. I often send beginners to Semrush because they have some nice short videos that cover the basics. But you have to recognize that it's an entire discipline. It's many people's entire job. If you're lost, you might consider hiring help.
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    PierrePauwels reacted to paul2009 in How can I use the Wells Template?   
    This is very strange @PierrePauwels. Feel free to direct message me with your email address and I will create a Wells trial for you, and anyone else who would like one. 
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    PierrePauwels got a reaction from paul2009 in How can I use the Wells Template?   
    Hi Paul, thank you for your answer.
    But I'm a bit loosing my mind. I can see the wells-demo page but I can't find it anywhere... If I go to "all the templates", Wells is not in the list.... And, unless I haven't saw it, there is no link to try the template on the demo page... 
    This is weird and it looks like either Wells doesn't exist anymore, either I don't have access to it from France...and I don't have a VPN to try if it's the case.. I tried to write the link in english but anytime google send me to the french version of the website..
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