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  1. I solved the problem! Stupid thing: I copy-pasted the text from a word document. If I write the text new, it's ok in all browser. jp
  2. Hi tuanphan Thank for your reply. But what do you mean with checking font on font author site? Sorry, but i cannot finde a site with the name «font author» … jp
  3. Site URL: https://www.pflanzenfreund.ch/oliven Hi I have a problem with a custom font. On Safari and iPhone, the font show the «ä» in a wrong font. With Chrome it's ok (see attachment). Is there a solution? With best regards jp
  4. GREAT! Thank you very much! Have a nice day. jp
  5. Sorry, Here it is: https://www.pflanzenfreund.ch
  6. Hello I managed to change almost all the fonts on my site using CSS. Only with the font for the date in the summary block of the blogs I fail. Know somebody the CSS ID of the date? Thanks for help.
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