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    Katey001 got a reaction from zazu in Can't add block to footer (menu disappears)   
    I'm having this same issue when in some sections on one of my pages. Some of them I can add a block and others I can't... 

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    Katey001 reacted to VelocityMarketingGroup in Grids... Get rid of it...   
    (FE) Can we get rid of the grid???!!! Why does SquareSpace NEED the grid for placing blocks??? PLEASE GET RID OF THE GRID! also, another suggestion... Allow multiple responsive previews instead of just one generic "mobile" view. The responsive view are WAAAAY off across some devices. Let's go SS, BE BETTER!!! 
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    Katey001 reacted to SEOSpace_Henry in Meta Description not updating   
    Hi @Katey001 - I understand how frustrating this can be!
    Sometimes Google can ignore your meta description for a number of reasons:
    Meta description format: If your meta description isn't 150-160 characters (i.e. the optimal length) Domain authority: New websites that don't have many backlinks aren't going to be crawled as regularly as those that have more. If your site has a low authority, Google is less likely to pick up your SEO title and description as you want it to - this impacts my own site, as it's new. Thin content: If your web page has thin content (<300 words) or low-quality content, then why would Google display you properly on Google? There's no incentive So, ensure your MD is the right format, add some backlinks and add high-quality content you your website, and then hopefully, you'll be shown correctly 👌
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    Katey001 reacted to tuanphan in Icons   
    Squarespace has an icon library, however you need to use CSS code to declare them. You can see list of icons here
    pass: abc
    (And many more icons, these are just some of the icons that I have compiled)
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    Katey001 reacted to Ziggy in Icons   
    Squarespace has an image library built in. For icons I typically use one of these:
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    Katey001 got a reaction from tuanphan in Adjusting opacity of image   
    Thank you!
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