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  1. I believe the client use FB pixel way back when before I took update the site. That makes sense, thank you
  2. Hello, ran lighthouse on our site homepage and the results are less than stellar, my concern is Best Practices and third-party cookies, in particular my FaceBook why the heck is that there? My SQS does not have any reference to social account. The video best describes the issue
  3. Hello, I am a wee bit frustrated with the accordion element when there are 2 or more in the same section. (homepage) site: https://batteryadvancement.ca 1. click on any of the 3 accordion element and the other 2 drop down because the default SQS is set to justify content center I have use inspect to find the appropriate css and change the default justify content from center to flex-start. it works in inspect but applying the css to custom it does not work The code inserted but has since been removed .fe-block-7cc9444525e6c66eb240 .sqs-block { justify-content: flex-start; } .fe-block-531307f59c53b91892b4 .sqs-block { justify-content: flex-start; } .fe-block-92cfabc64b591d0bd04e .sqs-block { justify-content: flex-start; } What am I missing
  4. found it, changed align-items to flex-start .sqs-block-image .design-layout-fluid .sqs-image { display: flex; align-items: flex-start; }
  5. I have a requirement to ensure the page image is fix to to top when accordion is expanded Image A1: shows accordion element closed Image A2: shows specification tab open (yea its a lot of bullet points) the product image is shifted down. 1. I did move the specification tab to the bottom result: no change. 2. google inspect I tried changing the position type to fix but that made no difference. Any suggestions Scott
  6. Yo beat me to it I did find it a few minutes ago 🙂
  7. I am having an issue with Text width inside Accordion. The screen video best shows what I have done to try and resolve this issue. Any help is appreciated
  8. Hi I am looking for a way to add more than one email address to the SS Form and a Selector element. Example Email address A Email Address B Email Address C Form Selector Element A, B and C The goal is to fill out the form and by selecting Selector A it corresponds to Email Address A B to Address B and C to email address C The only way I have it now is 3 separate buttons. each going to a different email address https://batteryadvancement.ca/contact
  9. Thank you Tuanphan that worked but why on earth would Squarespace implement this feature only to have to edit css to get it to function.
  10. Hello, I am having an issue with the SS Form Select option. I have added 3 option to choose form however the select option is not displaying the options list. here is teh page https://begonia-rust-haew.squarespace.com/eco-bronze-bundle-1 The site is not setup to directly order product at this point but wil be in the future for now we are using a contact form only. The order button popup modal and the Bronze Bundles * ECO-Battery + Gauge has 3 option to select from Bronze Silver and Gold as you can see the select option feature is not working I have created another test button "Submit" and again setup up 3 dummy select option and the options are not working What am I missing Scott
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