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    tanyacamp reacted to ashleegadd in How Do I Automatically Send An E-mail Campaign Every Time A Blog Post Goes Live?   
    I am desperate to get all of my e-mail marketing out of Mailchimp and into Squarespace but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do an automated e-mail campaign where people receive an e-mail every time a new blog post is published. Is this possible? I basically want to create a template that is populated and triggered by an RSS feed. 
    Like this: https://us11.campaign-archive.com/?e=95ace6cb16&u=40a022775bd326fb61d6fd9e4&id=e97973261b
    I run a collaborative blog that publishes essays 3x a week. How can I sync our new content with an e-mail campaign? Some people prefer to read via e-mail ... 
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    tanyacamp reacted to paul2009 in Limit number of items in summary block on mobile   
    As your Summary Block is showing 6 items on desktop, you'll want to hide the last 4 summary-items when the screen viewport (width) is less than 768px wide. You should be able to do this by adding the following to Design > Custom CSS:
    @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) { .sqs-block-summary-v2 {     .summary-item:nth-last-child(-n+4) {     display: none;     }   } } Notes:
    This will apply to all summary blocks on the website when being viewed on a mobile.  The first line contains a media query that ensures the the CSS only applies when the page is viewed on a mobile (the screen is less than 768px wide). Setting Display to none hides the elements and removes the space that they would have occupied. The nth-last-child(-n+4) selector tells it to apply this setting to last 4 summary-items within the summary block.  We like to know if our posts help. Please consider clicking a 'Like' or 'Thanks' icon below  ⬇️
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    tanyacamp reacted to kmorrissey1 in How to display an author's blogs on their leadership page?   
    My website has leadership pages that display a person's bio and any blog articles they have authored. As far as I know, there is no way to filter a summary block by blog author, so I'm currently using tags to filter this summary block.

    The problem with using tags is that it prevents me from using tags for more typical things such as blog topics. I don't want to have author names interspersed with blog topics as that would make for a poor viewing experience. 
    My ideal scenario is this: categories are used for what kind of content it is (article, customer story, team highlight, etc.), tags are used for topics (business intelligence, digital learning, marketing), and the author profiles are used to populate the blogs someone has authored. 
    Is something like this possible using 7.1?
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    tanyacamp reacted to untitledsite in SVG links not working on live site   
    I recently discovered that half of my SVG problems come down to this one fault:

    In other words, file uploads (for SVGs, among other types) can only be utilised with CSS when the website has been paid for. Which to be honest, is ridiculous. I use SVGs to replace the logo, social icons, accordion icons, add elements to buttons, etc...I think it's pretty standard for web at this point?! Does anyone have a way of getting SVGs to load when a site is in trial mode? 😂
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    tanyacamp reacted to tuanphan in How to display video in vertical format?   
    Try adding this to Design > Custom CSS to adjust ratio
    .sqs-native-video .native-video-player { padding-bottom: 100% !important; }  
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    tanyacamp reacted to Neuerotica in Social Sharing on 7.1   
    What's even more confounding, is that the controls are there. They simply don't work as yet. Social sharing is such an integral part of marketing for most of us, and it would seem to me that implementing this function should have been at the top of the list of things-to-do for the Squarespace team. 

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    tanyacamp got a reaction from mortonsfinecatering in Can I change the product type?   
    I need to do this now as well – did you find a solution? 
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