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  1. HELP!! I've created my form and for some unknown reason I keep getting the error message 'There was an error saving changes to block'. When I try to connect to my CYC Participant audience in Mailchimp it flashes up with the error and can't save that form block. It worked previously on my old website but when I've recreated the form in my new website it doesn't want to connect anymore. However when I tested another form on a different page 'Collaborate' and connected to the CYC Participant on my Mailchimp list, it saved and worked. BUT it only worked the once and when I went back into the form to edit again it doesn't save the Mailchimp settings, it defaulted back to 'MailChimp' CONNECT. Note - CYC Participant MailChimp is an automated email response to that audience. So when they fill out the form they'll receive an automated email from us. Why?! Please help 😞
  2. OK, that's the live site. Looks like I'm unable to share the webpage which I'm editing in template mode. I'll definitely come back when I override the current template with y new design and hopefully then I'm able to share the link for you to see what I'm seeing. Thank you for taking the time on this so far.
  3. see if you can view the page with this link? https://dodecahedron-gazelle-f2tb.squarespace.com/participate-1 Should look like this at the top of the Participate page...
  4. No, not that one. I'm not sure why the link I posted has taken you to that page. That's the page which is the current live website. I'm editing a new template in the background of the live website so I'm wondering if that's why you're unable to reach the template I'm working on? I might have to come back when I set my new template to 'live' and sort out the issue then? That's a pain. Thank you though for trying to help me out.
  5. https://dodecahedron-gazelle-f2tb.squarespace.com/config/pages The website isn't live yet so not sure if you can access this? Thank you
  6. Hi, I've managed to change my font colour in CSS for my 'Quote Block' but how do I change the 'Subtitle' font style. I'd like to have it as Upper and Lowercase and maybe a different colour to the main quote. So I'd like CYC PARTICIPANT to be slightly different to the text above. Here's my current CSS code .quote-block * { color: #663399; font-size: 26px; font-family: 'Montserrat', sans-serif; font-weight: normal; } Thank you
  7. Hello, Please can someone point me in the right direction of fixing the spacing/size of my images when viewing on a mobile? I'm using Squarespace 7.0 and added a bit of CSS code for autoplay on my carousel gallery. When I check on mobile view my photos are spaced out and look out of scale. Currently set at 1:1 Scale on Desktop. Thanks in advance
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